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    How long for Arakawa Maple to bark up?

    I purchased this Rough Bark maple as a 2 year old cutting 4 years ago (Jan 2010) and I'm still waiting for it to start to form the characteristic rough bark. Am I just being impatient or should I start being able to see the corking form given the base is changing from green to grey?
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    Bonsai in the Uk

    Probably a bit late notice, but I'm heading to the UK tomorrow (Dublin, Edinburgh, & London specifically). Anyone have any suggestions for bonsai related outings I can try to see?
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    Redwood Styling

    After reading Stacy's message (bored. . . ) I decided to try and post a few more things although arguably things have picked up a bit in the past couple of weeks. Originally this post was going to ask about pot selection as I'm getting ready to repot in the spring, but once I took a look at...
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    Collecting Redwoods

    Just wanted to show some pictures from a collecting trip this past weekend. Was invited by a member of another forum to some property he had permission to collect on. Naturally I had to go for the biggest tree possible which was a cut down stump. Spent around 3 hours digging it up and had to...
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    Yet another guess this chop post

    I know it's a long shot, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. I picked up this pot at the GSBF auction last month (along with the maple in it) and I can't figure out who the chop belongs to. I've checked both and...
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    Another Maple Styling Question

    This is a nice pre-bonsai JP maple I've had for a few year. The last growing season I just let it grow out as evident by the overly long shots on some of the branches. I really love the trunk on this tree. It's very graceful and elegant with reasonable nebari. My problem is the upper part of...
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    Maple Deadwood Work

    I finally got around to working on this large maple stump that I've been trying to decide what to do with since I got it. While the previous owner had it the top died from too much sun which is much of the reason I received the tree in the first place. I forgot to include something for scale...
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    Zelkova Styling

    This is a nice Zelkova pre-bonsai I picked up this past summer. I think I know what I want to do with it, but I'd love to hear other opinions as well. The trunk is very tall for it's width and doesn't have much taper or movement until you get to the top. It does have a reasonable flare at the...
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    Collecting in Eastern California

    Hey Folks, just wanted to share some pics from a recent collecting trip that I went on last month. I'm not planning on giving up any locations, but I will say that I went with an experienced group and we had permission/permits to collect in multiple locations. I apologize in advance for lack...
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    Juniper ID

    I recently purchased this Juniper at an auction and I have no idea what species it is, anyone able to clue me in?
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    Newbie palmatum question

    Should be a pretty basic question here. I'm attaching two pictures of a new Japanese maple that I've been growing since spring and have some basic questions about. Right now my plan is to just let it grow to further develop the trunk/nebari. I realize that it would be better suited to growing...
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