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  1. Atrox

    Dyed big box store mulch

    Any problems with the dye in big box store "mulch, bark"?
  2. Atrox

    Gravity fed valve and timer

    I want to control a gravity fed water supply with a timer and valve. As the general sprinkler control valves use the input pressure to aid in actuation they will not work with only 48" of inlet pressure Suggestions? Thanks
  3. Atrox


    This is near our cabin in NM. I cut all big roots early last year, only surprise may be up under the bolder it is growing against. Since I can wait to dig I may since I got up here a bit late considering the progress of the candles.
  4. Atrox

    Happy oak

    Just returned from 3 weeks at the cabin in NM. Loads of happy bonsai in training, in the ground and in the deer pen in boxes. This Oak I have been working on for 3 years. First year "styled" the top removing branches that had grown way out of proportion to what I imaged for the finished top...
  5. Atrox

    Tex Ebony

    Here is a big box Tex Ebony, it was 3X tall with a big bare section in the middle, wouldn't sell so I made em an offer. Last fall I sawed off the top and sawed off 2/3 of the bottom stuck it in a box and off she went. Time for some training now that it's happy.
  6. Atrox

    Happy Manzanita

    Wether newly collected, growing out in a flat, or in the ground being messed with for future collection here is a sure sign they are happy. Both of these have had major! root work done last year. Like the snakes that live amongst them they shed their skin as they grow.
  7. Atrox


    I let this rascal grow untouched last year to help get better roots and thicken the trunk. It must have not gotten the memo! Had dozens of 6" shoots all over going straight up before yesterdays trim so 'spose it grew some below ground. When I dug it (pulled it out from a big clump along the...
  8. Atrox

    Tough diggin'

    Some ponderosa's are tougher to dig than others-
  9. Atrox

    Collecting is about trunks-

    Another carrot in granite! This alligator juniper had a tap root as big as the trunk 6" down. Cut tap first year, sharp shovel cut next year collected yesterday. This shows my adjustable form that when tightened up helps hold the loosest granite soil together. I cut under the form with a sharp...
  10. Atrox

    A carrot in the granite

    This little pine had a tap root the size of the trunk where I cut it 6" down, sharp shovel cut all around, all last spring. Collected 5 days ago, no surprises.
  11. Atrox

    Newly collected juniper

    S New Mexico 6,ooo' 1/3 5gal bucket "pot" Cut roots last spring, watered until rains came, pruned and cut tap root when rains were regular. (choking string just temp while moving.)
  12. Atrox

    Newly collected pinion

    SW New Mexico 5,900'. Bottom 1/3 of a 5gal bucket "pot" May of last year before candle show I cut a 20"...
  13. Atrox

    Manzanita ground layer

    SW New Mexico 5,900' This a manzanita that has self air layered when the ditch along the gravel road was re graded. This pushed pea sized gravel into the bottom of a large patch, covering the middle of some branches. As shown this branch rooted in a short section before all the gravel washed...
  14. Atrox

    Boxwood latent buds

    If I am correct in thinking the brown arrow head shaped "buds" at the base of each last years leafs are buds, will they be encouraged to develop if the leaf is removed? I am experimenting with this now as the new growth is starting overall. Just wanted to know if this is common method.
  15. Atrox

    One of my Homestead Pinions for collecting in the spring

    Ditched, pruned, a bit of bending, watered and fed before the rains.
  16. Atrox

    Another "Untouchable"
  17. Atrox

    Three "Untouchables" from my latest trip to the Homestead

    Here are three "Untouchables" from our last trip to the Homestead In NM. Two Ponderosa and a Mountain Mahogany firmly protected by the Rock People while Mother Nature slowly does her "Bonsai" magic on them.
  18. Atrox

    Another Ponderosa for poss collection

    for scale this tree is about 3' tall Forest service permit, 6'500', Southern NM. Will stay only 1/2mi away if collected. This one is growing behind a 4'X3'X6" slab, completely exposed, that is a bit loose already. Even though we have been getting rain for 2 months off and on, for the...
  19. Atrox

    I'm a new "sprout" spose I should introduce,

    Been reading and learning here for a while. I live in Tucson AZ but have started and will continue to spend a lot of time in the Southern Gila Nat Forest in NM at about 6,500' el. In AZ I have been working with Boxwood, hackberry, TX Ebony, pyracanthia and mesquite, nursery, collected and...
  20. Atrox

    Oak to collect next spring

    [/IMG][/IMG]Forest service permit, Southern NM, 6,500' Trimmed some too big dead and too tall live early this spring. Then ditched down to the end of the topsoil where it meets the solid granite, backfilled with forest floor duff and soil mix. I watered weekly for 2 months until the rains...
  21. Atrox

    Podderosa for collection

    This Ponderosa is on public ground in Southern NM at 6,800' it can be collected on a Forest Service permit. It is near my cabin in a seclude spot. I visit it often. We had good rain this summer and this is a current photo of it's condition. The crack can be opened. My questions, is it a...
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