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  1. DaveV

    Pot recommendations

    This is an American Elm that needs a different pot. Any suggestions?
  2. DaveV

    Air-layered Japanese Maple

    I Started this air-layer back in April ( 2 months ago) . Today I separated the air layer and placed in training pot. Will make a beautiful tree some day. Wish me luck!
  3. DaveV

    Pot I.D.

    Does anyone know who this potter is. I have several pots with this marking. Thank you.
  4. DaveV

    instructions on posting photos.

    Can someone tell me how to post photos from my computer into a thread? Not sure how to make a URL. Thank you!
  5. DaveV

    Amur Maple Progression

    About 10 years ago I bought this Amur Maple at a nursery and planted it in the yard. Three years later I dug it up, chopped it down quite a bit and placed it in an Anderson Flat for about 5 years. Here it is today. Coming along nicely.
  6. DaveV

    Japanese Maple Grove Started 6 years ago

    These are some JM seedlings that I got from Bill Valivanas about 6 years ago. I wanted to make a JM grove and here it is 6 years later. Hope you enjoy - I do!
  7. DaveV

    Jason G. Bonsai Blog

    Does anyone know why Jason G has not up dated his blog in the past couple of years? I have not seen him on the site either. He has some really nice material and thought he was in the bonsai business with growing fields.
  8. DaveV

    Recently styled RMJ

    This past weekend Suthin helped me style a RMJ that I recently acquired. Here are the before and after photos.
  9. DaveV

    Oak yamadori

    Last week I ran across these bur oak trees along a steep river bank. The ground in this one area is very sandy. They appear to be old and since the ground is very sandy, should be easy to collect. Before I do, I want to know if any of you have had experience with collecting bur oak? Do they...
  10. DaveV

    My two Japanese Larch

    Hi All, Here are my two Japanese Larch that I was referring to. I acquired them this winter from a club member. I just finished styling them last week and as always, I wish I would have taken some before photos. I plan to keep them in their growing boxes this season. Would like to know how...
  11. DaveV

    Pruning Japanese Larch

    Does anyone know of a good resource on pruning japanese larch?
  12. DaveV

    Cork Elm, Sumo or naturalistic ?

    This is one of my cork elms. I am wanting to know if anyone has ideas for a naturalistic style. There has been some talk about naturalistic versus traditional style. I am personally drawn to traditional ( chinese and japanese) styles. However, I wouldn't mind trying to style this one in an...
  13. DaveV

    Japanese Larch cold hardiness

    I recently acquired two japanese larch (bonsai stock) in wooden grow boxes. Can JL stay out all winter in Nebraska? With the new zoning, we are now zone 5b (previously 5a). Thank you DaveV. They were shipped bare rooted and were put in wooden grow boxes last spring. They grew quite...
  14. DaveV

    Colorado Blus Spruce as bonsai

    Has anyone here had experience with growing and maintaining Colorado blue spruce as bonsai? I live in Nebraska so my growing conditions would seem appropriate. Any input would be appreciated. Thank You! Dave V.
  15. DaveV

    Stone Slabs

    Are there any particulars that one must consider when looking for a slab. I have a three tree shimpaku grove that I would like to put on a slab. A piece of brown flage stone is what I have been looking at. I would be able to put holes in it too. Here are the trees that I want to put on a slab...
  16. DaveV

    Anyones trees waking up?

    I just moved to Nebraska this past summer. Who would have thought we would have 50-60 F weather in Dec. and Jan. for three weeks straight!! I'm a little concerned that one of my japanese maples is waking up. Not sure what to do with it. It needs to sleep for another 2 months or so. Anybody...
  17. DaveV

    Suggestions for keeping soil moist

    I just moved this summer to a new location and just found a new job. I have been home all summer to keep my trees watered during the afternoon when temps were over 100. Next summer I will be working and will be too far from home to water over my lunch hour. Any thoughts/ideas on how to keep...
  18. DaveV

    Silicone used for cut paste

    Has anyone ever used silicone caulk for sealing up cuts on their trees/bonsai ?
  19. DaveV

    Stored messages

    Could someone kindly tell me how to read my stored massages. I have read them once before but would like to read my older stored messages. Thanks DaveV.
  20. DaveV

    One of my elms

    About 5 years ago my wife surprised me with this chinese elm on my birthday. Elms are one of my favorite trees for bonsai. Mainly because they are not too fussy, they grow well in my zone, and they can be induced to produced very small leaves. Last winter I decided to pull the branches down...
  21. DaveV

    Is there a secret to growing trident maples?

    I am convinced that there is something I'm doing wrong with my trident maple. I have had this tree for 13 years. Every spring it produces nice green leaves. BUT.... every year aound the middle of June, the tips of the leaves start to turn brown until eventually it over takes the whole leaf...
  22. DaveV

    The Bad Weather

    I hope everyones trees are doing fine with all the bad weather we have experienced across the country. I hope Harry and his trees weren't damaged by the tornado in OK. I think the wind is the worst!. Sincerely, DaveV.
  23. DaveV

    Shimpaku whips

    I recently purchased some small shimpaku for a forest planting. I finished with four small whips left over. I don't want to make another forest. Any styling suggestions with these small guys. Thanks! DaveV.
  24. DaveV

    What is a "Well House" Shimpaku Juni

    Has anybody heard of a variety of Shimpaku juniper called "Well House". Is this a common variety? Thanks
  25. DaveV

    Haws watering cans

    Does anyone here have a Haws watering can? I have about 20 bonsai in my collection and therefore hand water all of my trees. In years past I have used two plastic Haws 1 gal watering cans for watering the trees. I liked them so much that I went ahead and bought a 2 gal. metal can this winter...
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