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  1. Ron Dennis

    Three Weeks and Counting. . .

    In only three weeks the Alabama Bonsai Society will host their annual Spring show at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. This is always an excellent show and this year promises to be another. Our guest artist and judge will be Kathy Shaner. During the show, eight lucky members will have the...
  2. Ron Dennis

    Likes and dislikes about local club web sites

    The Alabama Bonsai Society is making a renewed effort to improve our local web site. We would like to ask for suggestions as to what you like or dislike about your own local site. What would you change? What are you doing to promote your site and attract new viewers and perhaps new members...
  3. Ron Dennis

    Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show 2015

    Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show 2015 Birmingham Botanical Gardens Saturday, May 16th 10:00AM -- 5:00 PM Sunday, May 17th 10:00 AM -- 4:00 PM Open to the public with no admission and no charge for parking
  4. Ron Dennis


    I am doing a four month study course with Brian Van Fleet. Excellent course of study! Brian has us researching soil and we are to come up with our own preferred mix and be able to defend our choice. I am doing extensive research on my own but have a question. Not thinking about the species...
  5. Ron Dennis

    So d*** mad

    :mad:Today did not start well for me. I went out to check on my trees and discovered one of my favorite trees, a shohin shimpaku, has been stolen. This happened yesterday when we were not home. To make matters worse, in searching for photos of this tree, I found out my photos had not...
  6. Ron Dennis

    Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show

    We are busy planning and preparing the Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show for 2013. This year's show will be held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on May 18th and 19th. Saturday Hours: 11:00 AM -- 5:00 PM Sunday Hours: 12:00 Noon--4:00 PM We invite everyone in the area to come...
  7. Ron Dennis

    Have you made "What If" plans

    I was reading another thread (link below) and it caused me to wonder what others are doing in the way of planning for on going care of our trees. I have realized I have not made adequate plans for my trees which, while mostly...
  8. Ron Dennis

    My "new" favorite stone. . . .

    I have just recently acquired this stone from the Kamuikotan area of Japan. I think it is a very special stone and hope you like it as much as I do. The size is 4" L x 1.75 " H x 1.25" D. The daiza and the kiri box were made by Art of the Daiza.
  9. Ron Dennis

    A question of choice

    Assume please that you are planning a grouping of up to five shohin and/or near-shohin larger trees. Assume you want to build the grouping around an azalea and want to include a Caitlin elm, what other species do you think would best compliment? Assume springtime if the trees were to be...
  10. Ron Dennis


    This is only a test posting of a new thread for trouble shooting.
  11. Ron Dennis

    What is a fair price for shohin trees

    In reading raydomz's thread ( I noticed a couple of comments about pricing being too high. Also, in the past there have been comments about other sellers prices being too high--particularly one seller I like and...
  12. Ron Dennis

    Another book I want and can't wait

    I saw the attached write up in the WSJ. Another book I must have. . . . Here is the link to the slide show mentioned:
  13. Ron Dennis

    Picking up a new azalea this weekend at Rendezvous

    I am really excited to finally be able to pick up my new azalea (NIkko-No-Hana) which I actually bought in February but had to leave it at the nurserey. It had been imported bare root and had to adjust to its new home. Very eager to get this one home. Also, picking up a new Mugo.
  14. Ron Dennis

    Ropn's Shimpaku, first sytling results

    Could not post all photos in Post #1 on the shimpaku. The results: I am really excited over this tree. Plans now are simply to maintain for this year, studying and selelcting the right pot, and looking forward to next year to pot the tree.
  15. Ron Dennis

    Shimpaku, first styling, March 31, 2012

    What a fantastic weekend I had attending the Bjorn Bjorholm Workshop hosted by the Alabama Bonsai Society. BVF has already posted about Bjorn's talent and let me just echo this. Bjorn is an amazing bonsai artist and has great teaching ability. Bjorn takes his time with those of us not as...
  16. Ron Dennis

    Caterpillar indentification??

    Can anyone tell me what a black caterpillar with a yellow (almost gold) stripe down the back is? Need I be concerned and if so what is the treatment?:confused:
  17. Ron Dennis

    Newly qcquired Chinese Quince

    I got this Chinese Quince yesterday and think it can be something special. It is as it came from the nursery (Muranaka) and I plan on "living" with the tree for a while before doing anything. I have some preliminary thoughts and will seek advice from friends in the Alabama Bonsai Society...
  18. Ron Dennis

    Couple of interesting sites

    Trying to make up for lost time, I am constantly searching for useful information to help educate myself. Here are a couple of items I found interesting. and Second powerpoint file will not open. Google...
  19. Ron Dennis

    Question: Terra cotta pots vrs plastic nursery pots

    Living in a town home on the side of a mountain, I have limited space for my bonsai. I am trying to figure out how to put in a bed where I can grow in the ground but have not come up with a workable plan--yet. I do have my contractor working on a plan but nothing yet due to the major drop off...
  20. Ron Dennis

    Euonymus burning bush

    This is the first thread I have started. I know this is not great material but it does have meaning and beauty to me. My mom loved her burning bush which I never saw "burn" since I lived in another state. Shortly after my mom died while entering Home Depot through the nursery, I saw a...
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