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    Maple Deadwood Work

    Unfortunately the tree died later in the summer after this work was done. My guess, which is probably wrong because my plant physiology knowledge is limited, is that I removed too much of the heartwood which limited the amount of water the foliage received. The leaves appeared to be wilting...
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    Carnivorous plants?

    It's easier in deeper tubs, but doable in shallow ones, you just have to make sure the soil stays wet.
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    Carnivorous plants?

    Your best bet would probably be to keep it sitting in a shallow tray of water, maybe a suiban? S. purpurea in particular will be difficult since it is a very water loving species. For most of my Sarracenia I fill the tubs with ~3/4" of water which will typically dry out by the end of the day...
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    Carnivorous plants?

    Nepenthes care varies widely by species since they're found at different elevations which changes their temperature requirements. They are tropical, from SE Asia, and generally like to stay moist at all times, prefer higher humidity, and most species prefer not to get too cold. They can be...
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    Looking to find a nursery in California

    Sounds like Matsuda Bonsai Nursery in Newcastle. It's the other side of Sacramento (heading towards Tahoe, but before you get to Auburn). When you enter there's a long drive way leads to an open area with a workshop on the left with an open front and a house on the right. Straight ahead is a...
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    Demon Feet

    I agree some of his pots aren't subtle, but I appreciate the craftsmanship. I really enjoy his Youtube videos, but getting your hands on anything will be hard. It doesn't look like he ships to the US anymore.
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    Demon Feet

    Not quite demon feet, but this and this are close.
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    Looking for some seedling/nebari info

    I repotted them in early 2015, but they hadn't started growing around the holes so there wasn't much to see. I left them alone this past spring and they're getting bigger, but still have a ways to go. Sorry for the bad photos, but I just ran out and took a picture of one of the groups (I have...
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    Grahm Potter???

    He posts on his blog semi-regularly and it sounds like he's just super busy trying to keep his business going. On top of that he has a few non-bonsai hobbies as well.
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    Cork oak

    Hey Jeff, good plan. The trunk with more movement seems like it would work better for a leader. Do you defoliate your oaks when you transplant? I've noticed mine tend to sulk and drop most of their leaves regardless (Cork & coast live) after transplanting, but can't tell if I'm doing something...
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    repotting in winter

    Since my climate is rather mild I've been repotting since christmas, just had to protect things from freezing when temps got low, but our low this winter was 28 so not much is needed.
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    BonsaiNut 2.0

    Happy to help test.
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    About the new ads...

    You should set up a Patreon account or something similar, works on donations and can set it up to be recurring (just like your costs).
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    Naked Hornbeam

    I saw the Shuho pot at the swap meet, but I asked because I have one that is very similar. Same glaze, almost same size, but straighter sides and I didn't know what it was as I haven't been able to match the chop to anything yet. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a Shuho though based on the...
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    Naked Hornbeam

    Looks good Jeff, do you know what type of pot it's in? I've always liked white/cream pots for deciduous trees and the odd glaze works well with the hornbeam trunk. Also when would you trim back the long shoots? Is now a good time or would you wait until spring? -Danny
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    Evergreen Garden Works Grafting Questions

    Brian - Ours definitely looks similar, but I've only had mine for 1-2 years. I've been thinking about these one's a lot and I'm actually going to have Peter Tea over next month where we might do some chopping, but here's what I'm thinking so far. The Mi-Nishiki (pictured above) - I'm going...
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    Evergreen Garden Works Grafting Questions

    Sorry, I mis-typed. I meant to say that I have both grafted and cutting grown pines from Brent and the only way I can tell which is which without looking it up is which one's have the swollen base. The first 2 pics are a grafted Mi-Nishiki originally grafted in 97, I'm hard pressed to find...
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    Evergreen Garden Works Grafting Questions

    I've purchased some of his older grafted & cutting material (different JBP varieties) all created in the late 90's. The cutting grown trees have a very noticeable swell at the base, but other than that it's near impossible to tell that the tree was grafted. Maybe in 20 years when the thicker...
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    Suckering root sprouts on cedar elm

    I planted a cedar elm in the ground for a couple years to thicken the trunk, went from 1.5" to over 5" in those two years. I dug it up this past January and chopped the nebari around it in a circle leaving some bigger roots left in the ground (See pics for the tree after it was dug up...
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    Bonsai in San Jose?

    In San Jose there's not a lot. Grove Way is the nearest bonsai nursery, but he doesn't have a lot of raw stock. A little, but not much. If you're willing to drive a bit Muranaka in Nipomo has good field grown raw stock. Carmen's nursery in Gilroy has interesting starter plants. A...
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    A young JBP

    At the risk of sending you to another forum, Brent of Evergreen Gardenworks said it best here: Scroll down for the post by Brent and then bookmark it. I've read it 1/2 dozen times over the years and it's still useful every time.
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    First tools, Cleaning and Maintenance?

    Best resource I've found is the series of videos here: There's at least 3 videos which are worth your time.
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    Yellowing Juniper

    I have to agree with John. I just spent 30 min cleaning out yellowing foliage out of one of my shimpakus. it does seem pretty bad this year, but as long as the tips are staying green then you should be good. I'm trying to be pro-active about cleaning them out in the hopes of getting some good...
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    Daiso Japan

    Their colanders are the best. I've found 3 different sizes of the stainless steel ones and they're only $1.50 each. Every time my fiancé makes me go to that store I usually walk out with at least 1/2 dozen of the things.
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    Fungus or repotting stress

    I have a California Juniper that is doing the same after a very necessary, but rough repot. It's losing some clusters of needles after yellowing. One week does seem to be a bit quick as Brian mentioned, but I'm more inclined to blame it on repotting stress rather than a fungus. Regardless a...
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