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    New Shimpaku, need ideas!

    So I picked up a new shimpaki juniper today and while I have a general idea of what I want to do with the tree I wanted to get some outside input. Here are some pictures of the tree. Here is what I was thinking of doing. What do you guys think? I was just going to go ahead...
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    Advice on new Chinese Elm

    I recently purchased this chinese elm and once i got it i realized it was pot bound in a bad way... ( See picture) So i went ahead and repotted it to a free draining soil and a larger pot ( I am a little concerned the new pot is too big?). Now I am trying to decide what direction to take the...
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    Styling Advice

    Hi all, I am new to bonsai, i just started about two weeks ago with a Juniper I picked up in Chinatown. When I got it it looked like this: While trying to wire it I accidentally broke one of the branches and it took off a large strip of bark. This is what it currently looks like...
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