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  1. fredman

    JM brown/dry leaf tips.

    My Osakazuki (grafted) has dried out tips on it's leaves and i'm trying to find the cause. The most common cause from what I know, is over watering...but it's the only one that shows this, and I water all the maples the same. Fertilizer is organic fertilizer cakes and fish emulsion. Any ideas plz?
  2. fredman

    Portulcarias everywhere...

    Seems he specializes in them.
  3. fredman

    Looking for threads about developing Trident maple...?

    When I put "developing trident" into the search bar, I get one thread... 🤨 I know there's lots of threads here, but how do I get to them...other than scrolling back? Or better still...does anybody have some links handy...PLZ 🙏 I'm specifically interested in branch and canopy development.
  4. fredman

    Sphagnum vs Moss.

    I'm using sphagnum moss to cover the pots atm, but i'm leaning more towards moss. Thing is I don't know much about mosses. Which is good..which not..? What's the criteria for a good bonsai moss. Every climate has it's own moss species I suppose. My logic says the only criteria for a good moss...
  5. fredman

    Organic fertilizer cakes.

    I've been meaning to make my own for some years now. Today I did. I want to make a progression thread of it for future reference. I got the idea from @MichaelS (Thanks Mike) There is a whole array of possible mixtures, but I used Rape seed meal, Fish meal, Blood and Bone meal and Seaweed meal...
  6. fredman

    Watering Azalea.

    Sounds simple...well maybe it is, but there's a few things that concerns me. I killed a few in the past by letting them get to dry. They don't show it immediately as other trees do (or maybe I didn't observe close enough). They get the drought damage, and just start deteriorating...and die a few...
  7. fredman

    And so it begins again..

    Spring is winking. My bonsai energies are at boiling point again. The last two years I had another focus, so just 'maintained' them. Mid winter I started tapping the fingers..waiting. With the time arriving, I started replanting last week. Weather is perfect too. Everything needs to get out and...
  8. fredman

    Which pot?

    I have up to now not been interested in learning about matching pots and trees....i'm using random containers as pots. Now I want to source a pot for this tree. I'm stuck (to saw the least) on what shape will suit it...round, oval, rectangular...? What I do know is the depth should be the...
  9. fredman

    Bonsai bandit strikes again...
  10. fredman

    Satsuki repot....?

    I have a problem that I would like your opinions on plz. Even better....hopefully someone has some experience in doing it. This Satsuki (don't know which one it is) has been in this big pot for some 5 years now....composted pine bark, scoria and pumice. I only realised later it should never have...
  11. fredman

    Beech defoliation

    I was always of the opinion the European beech are not to be defoliated. Can't even remember where I learnt that. Also never second guessed it. Just took it for gospel (what I learnt) that it has one flush of growth and won't grow another if that is removed. So to try and get some back budding...
  12. fredman

    What's the story here...?

    I've never seen this. It's a fuschia in the cold frame...being kept barely moist. Don't want it outside as it rains constantly this winter, and frost is a factor to. It's in a highly organic soil that'll get way to soggy.
  13. fredman

    Acer Katsura progression.

    I bought two of them to plant in the ground. This one got so battered by the wind, I took it out and put it in a shallow container. Now 3years later I have a plan for it. This is it fresh in the container. I then chopped it low, and put it in the ground. Didn't know what to do with I...
  14. fredman

    Peter Warren on Soil Health.

    This is music to my ears, and hopefully to many others. Exactly the reason I threw my chemical fertilizers away some years ago. The more chemicals is thrown at a tree, the more vulnerable it becomes to stresses, pests and deseases. Anyway...the first two minutes has no sound. Enjoy 👍
  15. fredman

    Fused Trident..

    I'm devided about this. Throw away...surrender it as a landscape tree...or accept the challenge and try and make some kind of bonsai from it. Some years ago I did quite a few fusings. Some worked and others are a challenge. This is one of them. Biggest problem I see here is creating taper... Any...
  16. fredman

    My new soil..

    Sorry to bore you with yet another soil thread, but to me it's a big deal.... ;) It's mid winter here in NZ. I'm terribly bored and TBH haven't been this exited to get repotting in a long time. I'm changing my soil somewhat come spring and i'm very optimistic it's going to work well. On the...
  17. fredman


    Hope i'm allowed to post this here. It's from the Aussie forum. It's so crazy I just had to share. Have a look...:oops:
  18. fredman

    Orchid bark..

    I'm picking up 3 bags from a orchid guy this week. Soil this spring will be pumice/bark/zeolite. The guy said (on the phone) they (the orchid people) soak the bark in a lime silution to extract the tannins. I've never heard of such. For bonsai that good/bad or unnecessary? Thanks.
  19. fredman

    Ugly beech...

    I inherited this tree. It's ugly (in a good sense) but I love the species....never seen one on here before. It's a Fern/Cut leaf Beech Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia Had it for a number of years now, and don't know what to do with it. It's beautiful and quite different looking when in leaf. I...
  20. fredman

    Copper Beech

    I bought this tree from a nursery 6 years ago, and made two layers on it. I planned to throw away the bottom (there was no branches below. I took for granted, it'll die off). I never got to the throwing away bit. It's been standing at the back ever since. To my surprise a few months ago I saw...
  21. fredman

    Peter Warren. Maple pinching.

  22. fredman

    Peter Warren on Satsuki.

    Needless to say i'm over exited to hear he plans a whole series about Satsuki. Just watched the first and I can't wait for the rest. Here's the link for those interested. It's worth subscribing and even contributing to his channel. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience...and shares it freely.
  23. fredman

    Graft on Satsuki..?

    I don't see much mention of grafting done on Azalea, and i'm wondering how successful it is in general? I want to do this branch next spring. Its a Fuji mori Satsuki. Also, which is best...a approach or thread graft? Thanks.
  24. fredman

    Kanuma to soft...?

    I eventually got hold of some Kanuma for the Satsuki. Its soft but I don't know if its to soft to use. It crushes to powder very easy between the fingers. Never used it so I don't know anything about it. I heard its soft..but how soft? Can I still use it, or will it break down to fast and create...
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