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    Carolina Bonsai Expo

    Thanks for the pics!
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    Ridgeway Trees at Pacific Bonsai Museum

    Very nice! Congrats and thanks for stories. Chris
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    A new addition- Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum

    If we buy a lot of 100acer palmatum seedlings, we usually end up with 3 or 4 distinctive variations. This is just genetic variation, not named cultivars. Difference in leaf size, shape, etc. We pick the ones with most desirable traits and propagate with cuttings. With atropurpureum, we even...
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    Need Diagnoses for Kiyohime JM Disease

    Yes, pseudomonas aeruginosa is a gram negative bacteria - even if it's not in humans. There is also a fungus called pseudomonas that causes that black discoloration of the trunk. Verticillium is also a good thought.
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    Need Diagnoses for Kiyohime JM Disease

    That may be pseudomonas, which is a fungal dz in maples. Where do you winter your trees? Where are you located? Commercial growers of a palm in Oregon have taken to putting hoop houses over the trees in the field for the winter. It's not terrible. It probably won't kill the tree. Cut off...
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    What level of Shade Cloth % do you use?

    Vic, Hope you guys are doing well. It's 50% here at the farm. FYI: shade cloth shrinks! Very annoying when you go to put it up next year. Add a foot or two and you will be glad you did. Chris
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    JBP seedlings growing medium

    "I have the pots..." What kind of pots? It would be a mistake to put these seedlings in any kind of bonsai pot, unless you plan to live several centuries. A 1 gallon nursery pot would be find. Pumice is great. Fertilize aggressively. Good luck, Chris Kirk Telperion Farms
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    Telperion Farms contact info?

    Georgia. Sorry you have had trouble contacting us. We get a lot of email, and we do find that some emails go to the junk file for some reason. The proper email address is If that doesn't work, call 503-881-1147. Have had crazy weather, but it is finally clearing up. Thanks...
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    Keppler to the rescue

    Al, Excellent work. Although I'm not sure about the "two beers are not enough" comment. Two beers really are not enough. Chris
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    Hawthorn prospects in the field

    Kurtz, My sister has a ranch in high country Colorado (at 8,000 feet). When I went to visit, I was very interested in the scrub oak that they considered a nuisance. Have you done any work with scrub oak, or know anyone who has? Thanks. Chris Kirk Telperion Farms
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    Kagiri nishiki Japanese maple

    Was it grafted?
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    Moving to the west coast.

    Ben, There are definite rules and some absolute exclusions if you go through a border inspection station. Some trees are not allowed at all. Scots pine is one of them. For Japanese black pine you will need to have a European pine shoot moth certificate. Any of the trees that are considered...
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    Accent Plant Critisism

    Eric, Accent plants help to establish or emphasize a theme for the presentation. That may be time of year (spring vs fall) or the natural habitat of the main piece in the presentation. So, alpine flowers or grasses might be presented with trees that grow at high elevations. So, as you create...
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    Oh look, another soil thread...

    Have you tried these guys?
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    JM "Ugly Graft" contest

    Just style yourself a tree above the graft, and when you are ready, air layer it off. This is a great technique for otherwise useless material. I once went to a nursery (which will remain unnamed) to pick up an order. They had arakawa Japanese maples grafted to JM root stock. Grown about 4...
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    Shimpaku styling question and health

    The tree needs to pop foliage closer to the trunk. Full sun. You can feed much more aggressively. Have fun.
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    Scots Pine Newbie

    Ah, that's what I like to hear. You are correct Vance. No offense taken. Especially with porous soil mixes, full strength once a week would be proper. I try to be cautious when giving advice because I don't know what soil mix someone may be using, or their watering habits. Rarely see people...
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    Scots Pine Newbie

    Sorry I don't seem to be able to post pictures. It's been our experience that the Scots back bud all the way to the ground, but we only maintain the most recent whorl. Aggressive fertilizer might be 1/2 strength Miracle Grow (or the equivalent) every 2 weeks, or more. Depends on the soil.
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    Scots Pine Newbie

    This year: fertilize aggressively. Full sun. Want maximum growth. Next year: put it in the ground or a very large nursery pot. Continue to feed generously. Just let it grow for 3-4 years, then you will be ready to make some decisions that will lead to harvesting a significant tree. Good...
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