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    Shimpaku pre-shohin

    The foliage is in contrast to the turn in the trunk. It's not balanced and conflicts with the trunk shape. Check out the Naka books for a great explanation.
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    When is the best time to carve? (jin, shari, uro)

    I've always used the tried and true Japanese time table of late winter.
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    Very interesting associations

    Enterprise Software
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    New Bonsai Mirai Website

    He's not really big on "D" trees is he?
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    old japanese black pine bonsai

    I like the tree. you're going to need to look at the Japanese imperial collection for ideas on this one. It houses what would be considered unorthodox pines by today's styling standards. I actually like those old trees. This one will be unique, and that's a good thing in my opinion.
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    New Scots on the bench!

    Nevermind my last post I think #1 is the best option for the tree, but you need to put a nice bend in the trunk. It looks still young enough to do so.
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    New Scots on the bench!

    The trunk is wrong for the reverse apex style in the first photo. See John Naka's books for an understanding of this. He points this out in a couple of drawings in one of the books (can't remember which one). If the bump on the trunk were on the other side it would work.
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    The Impossible Design Challenge

    Do some approach graphs. This is a great trunk and deserves great branching.
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    Satzuki azalea source near western NC Call and ask for them.
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    Some of my trees

    Thought I would post some pics of trees I've been working the last few years.
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    Eastern Hemlock - Bonsai suitable?

    I have a nice old one......the trunk is three inches across and the tree is approximately 20 inches tall. They definitely like it wet. I have mine in equal parts Fafard #52, Akadama, and Sand. It grows well. Everything grows well in Akadama though. Species really doesn't seem to matter in that...
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    Muranaka Bonsai Nursery

    And grafting. Time and grafting. Most trees in the US, especially pines don't have enough branches. One more thing about George's JBP... he usually does the chop at the second branch. That's not an issue, but what I've noticed, after watching his ebay listings over the past couple of years...
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    Japanese White Pine

    I always thought that was just bonsai 101.
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    California Shohin convention 2012

    Shohin folks have better backs!
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    Price of Akadama

    It used to be $35. Look around the web to see what the new price is now. I know some folks who were buying it in pallets in anticipation of the price hike............some very reputable people in the bonsai community. Word on the street is the primary supplier is tired and wants to retire. I'm...
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    A Primer on Bonsai Display

    Elk only bugle in the Fall, the display makes sense since the show was in the fall. What the elk is doing is the seasonal component of the display.
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    Price of Akadama

    I think I'm going to have to stick to shohin trees, because I can't afford to buy more than one bag off akadama now. Geeze, what happened? Price is up to $55 a bag. Maybe I'll just repot my bigger trees every 10 yrs.
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    Juniperus Virginiana

    I've heard tales that they readily accept Kishu grafts. Haven't tried it myself, but it's on the agenda.
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    Arakawa woes(Thanks UPS)

    I also wanted to say that I've bought three trees from Don Blackmond, and all exceeded my expectations when they arrived. If anything they were under advertised. He deals in quality, so when you buy something from him you can feel confident that it's exactly what was advertised and probably a...
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    Arakawa woes(Thanks UPS)

    I bought an Arakawa from him, and a small portion of the apex was broken off with a smashed box top. On the other hand I bought a small Shimpaku from Muranaka, and he shipped that little thing with a PVC construct around the interior of the box and put styrofoam peanuts in. Don Blackmond can...
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    Browning Hinoki

    I use akadama, peat moss, and paver sand in equal parts and I have problems controlling all the new growth.
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    Muranaka Shimpaku

    I'll call him. I just wondered if anyone in Cali knew the original owner, and maybe a little bit more about him. I'll try to get a name from Mr. Muranaka.
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    Muranaka Shimpaku

    I just bought a small Shimpaku rough stock from George Muranaka to design a nice little shohin with. He's had it for awhile, as it came from a bunch of cuttings he got from a widow of a bonsaist (Japanese fellow). Does anyone else have any historical information about these cutting grown...
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    Trident with an identity crisis!

    I would keep the current front. Unless you're willing to let it grow wild for about 3 yrs to heal that big scar.
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    Amur maple forest

    That's a nice one! I like it very much. The grouping appears to be "Time Honored".
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