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    White Fuzz Question

    That appears to be a Fukien Tea with a bad mealy bug infestation. FTs are very sensitive to most chemical insecticides. I've found that neem oil/water/alcohol combo is safe and effective for use on a FT.
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    New member's Glossy Privet/Ligustrum Lucidum

    I've found privets to be fairly bullet proof. I don't think you'd have to worry about doing another repot this year. Not sure from your pics which is your front but IMO Photo #1 shows the best side. For what it's worth, I would reduce the height by half.
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    I'm bored with my Portulcaria

    So you can tell what it looks like on every side from one blurry cell phone pic? As the only one of the two of us that could actually see it from every angle, I stand by my belief that the slant of the branches from the top and side did flow together nicely into a semi-cascade. With regard...
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    I'm bored with my Portulcaria

    I disagree with your assessment that this portulacaria has not reached its maximum potential. In my opinion, the beauty of this is and always will be the trunk. It's quite old, gnarled and beautiful from every side. At one time there was no separation between the top and lower. I removed a...
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    I'm bored with my Portulcaria

    It's actually not a jade plant though it's sometimes referred to as a mini-jade. They are succulents that are very easy to propagate and care for. I've decided to sell it because as I said before, it just seems like it's done and I enjoy a "project" tree (or houseplant as it were)...
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    I'm bored with my Portulcaria

    I'm bored with my Portulacaria I don't really know what to do with it. Other than routine maintenance and watering, I feel like it's done. Any ideas?
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    Fukien Tea / Carmona not recovering from shock, what am I doing wrong?

    The tree needs more light. Sunlight filtered through glass is not as strong as you think. Supplement the light it's getting through the window with a plant grow light. If Neem oil is available, spray the tree with a solution of water, isopropyl alchol and Neem oil. I find is more...
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