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    Persimmon bonsai stock (small fruits)

    Hello fellow bonsai nuts, I'm looking for a japanese persimmmon bonsai stock that bear small fruits (princess persimmons), do you know anyone that have this type of stock. Please help. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all and happy bonsai year for 2013
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    big bougie, to cut or not to cut...

    I need help or suggestion to re style my big bougie, do I need to cut the overgrown 2 branches or keep it and style it with this. or airlayer to create 2 tree and the base as sumo bonsai...
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    Crabapple bonsai stock

    Hey guys, looking for a nursery (online) where I can buy large stock of crab apple, or any one you know selling one, please reply. Thanks! bonsaiman
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    Crepe Myrtle

    Just rescued a monster crepe Myrtle distined for cutting, base is 9 inches with root base of 14 inches. I'm hoping to save and revive this tree for my future project. Base was almost cut down but I saved it on time. It's still alive and giving out new growth in growing pot.:)
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    large crabapple stock

    looking for large crabapple stock. Will buy or trade(large cork bark elms) Thanks:
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