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    quick question

    Generally, how long do you place your new bonsai in the shade after sculpting it from nursery material? I'm working with boxwood currently and have seen some different opinions and was curious what you guys practiced. Also, would the unheated garage work for a good location while it was...
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    Made a trip to the nursery!

    While it's still early to find nurseries that are stocked up right now, I decided to take a trip to see what they had. I found some decent pots and was able to chat it up with the owner for a while. Anyways, I found some junipers that could be decent candidates. I wanted to post the types...
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    Give me something to do!!!

    Okay, here's the deal. I get a bit obsessive when I first get into a new hobby. It was the same way when I got into reef tanks (aquariums that focus on coral and fish common to coral reefs). That was about ten years ago and I'm still going strong. Now I'm getting into bonsai and feel the...
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    lava rock

    I'm really heavy on the questions lately. I apologize for asking questions that have been asked previously. Some people take offense to that and others are more than happy to chat. So while I do read a lot, I think I'll still ask questions as I usually don't find an opinion about what exactly...
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    I plan to use a slow release fertilizer along with a biweekly fertilizer. Is there a brand, style, or type that is better than others for general bonsai use? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
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    getting started... have a few (well, more than a few) questions

    I'll try to ask a couple at a time as I expect the answers will lead to more questions. I've been doing a lot of reading this winter about starting bonsai. I have about 7 acres of wooded land of mostly pine and hardwoods that I can harvest from. 1 acre of the land is being cleared and I'm...
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