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  1. mcpesq817

    Hi no maru azalea

    Picked up a couple of small hi-no-maru azaleas from Dave Kreutz at the bonsai show at the National Arboretum a few weeks ago. According to Kreutz, it's a newer variety that is all the rage in Japan now because the flowers look like their rising sun national flag.
  2. mcpesq817

    Godzilla-like caterpillar

    Interesting spines on this one that I found on one of my elms the other day...
  3. mcpesq817

    Tree outside Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC

    Took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. Weather was too cold to get a closer look, but the pictures speak for themselves. No pine tree styling on this deciduous tree.
  4. mcpesq817

    Ume - Hokkai Bungo

    I bought some ume cuttings from Bill Valavanis a couple of years ago, including the "Hokkai Bungo" variety. This variety is weaker than some of the other varieties that I am playing with, but the flowers are a very nice red. I don't think Bill is selling them this year, but Brent has them on...
  5. mcpesq817

    Potomac Bonsai Association annual auction at Behnke's Nursery on Saturday May 24

    Anyone planning to go to the auction tomorrow? I haven't had a chance to run into anyone from BNut at the PBA spring show the last few years, but since I'm actually planning on going to the auction, I figured I would see if anyone was also planning to be there.
  6. mcpesq817

    Willow Oak

    Thought I'd start my own thread rather than clog up Dav4's willow oak thread. I've been working on this willow oak for the past two and a half years -- I got it from my from my local nursery's pink tag sale, as it was marked down to a very low amount. It's gone from a 25' tall tree that...
  7. mcpesq817

    Korean Hornbeam

    I originally got this Korean Hornbeam as a gift six or so years ago when I was just starting out. The caliper at the time was only about 3/4", and the nursery owner had let wire cut deeply into the bottom of the trunk to help scar it and improve taper (not sure that it was an effective...
  8. mcpesq817

    Any japanese maple lovers?

    Japanese maples can be a bit addicting. I have a few specialty cultivars in the landscape as well as in pots. Not sure if they will ever be "bonsai," but I enjoy the variation in spring and fall colors. Beni Maiko is one of my favorites, with bright engine-red small leaves in the early...
  9. mcpesq817

    Woodstock at Nature's Way with Jim Doyle and Walter Pall

    On Friday, I went to Nature's Way to attend the first day of the Woodstock event with Jim Doyle and Walter Pall. In case anyone has thought about attending, I wanted to say that it was a really great experience. Jim and Walter were nice and very informative, and even better, the whole day was...
  10. mcpesq817

    Very sad news about The Senator (3500 years old) LONGWOOD, Fla. (AP) — Investigators are ruling out arson after one of the world's oldest cypress trees caught fire and collapsed in central Florida. Division of Forestry spokesman Cliff Frazier tells the...
  11. mcpesq817

    Flowering Quince

    These guys probably won't ever make great bonsai, but I love them as they put out a ton of flowers in late winter signaling that spring is coming soon :D Most of these were purchased from Brent at The O'Yashima flowered for the first time for me, fully opening...
  12. mcpesq817


    Not sure if we have any forum members from Japan, but our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
  13. mcpesq817

    New Harry Harrington book

    Just received an email regarding an upcoming book from Harry Harrington that will be published next month. Looks to be a pretty good book. If it has even a fraction of the information that is on his website, I'm sure it will come in very handy...
  14. mcpesq817

    Will Heath and the Mysterious Case of Disappearing Pots

    Looks like Paul Stokes was finally contacted by Will.
  15. mcpesq817

    Djezzerl - SPAM

    Hi Bnut, I'm getting spam type PMs from a user named Djezzerl. Apparently, he is nice enough to share his secrets on how to make $25k a month if I click a link embedded in the PM :rolleyes:
  16. mcpesq817

    Frequency of fertilizing

    I was wondering how often people fertilize their trees. I imagine that it depends on what soil you are using, whether you are using fertilizer cakes, what stage of development your trees are in, etc. Right now, my trees are for the most part in 100% inorganic soil (pumice, lava, turface...
  17. mcpesq817

    Question on working on yews

    I was fortunate to take a yew workshop with Steve Tolley at the National Arboretum yesterday. The material was really nice - field grown yews supposedly 40+ years old with 3-4"+ bases with pretty good character. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of my yew from the workshop at the moment...
  18. mcpesq817

    New "Sexy Bonsai" on eBay?

    About a year ago, there was a petition to not give business to the "Sexy Bonsai" seller on eBay because he/she was skirting U.S. import rules. I just noticed another eBay seller who has similar ads, and appears to be from China if you go to the website linked at the bottom of his ad...
  19. mcpesq817

    Erin Bonsai

    I'm sure everyone knows of his great reputation, but I wanted to put in a plug for Vic Harris of Erin Bonsai. Fantastic pots for reasonable prices, and he is a real pleasure to buy from. Highly recommended.
  20. mcpesq817

    New Douglas Fir

    If anyone has any tips for Douglas Firs, I would love to hear them. Larry had mentioned that they tend to grow on the north side of the mountains, so they like it a bit cooler and out of hot direct sun. I'd be very interested to know if anyone has had any success with repotting, backbudding, etc.
  21. mcpesq817

    Tool that acts as an expandable wedge?

    I recently received a collected douglas fir at a workshop - it's naturally in the candelabra style, with a dead original apex and one single branch coming off the side that has now turned into the new apex. The way that branch comes off the trunk, it goes out horizontally an inch or two, and...
  22. mcpesq817

    Portable greenhouses

    Does anyone here use a so-called "portable greenhouse" to overwinter their trees? Last year I used my detached, unheated garage (with a small window facing south so it gets some light) to overwinter my trees, but since the garage is insulated, it does tend to warm up quite a bit during those...
  23. mcpesq817


    So it looks like I have a mite problem. They aren't spider mites, as these are a dull brown and not red. They also don't live in the foliage - they congregate right underneath my fertilizer cakes (I did the white paper test to make sure they weren't in the foliage, and none showed up). I...
  24. mcpesq817

    Humic and Fulvic Acid source

    I know Al has posted a few threads on the benefits of humic acid lately. It sounded like some people were interested in where to buy this type of product, so I wanted to mention that last weekend, I saw the following item at my local garden center: Just so...
  25. mcpesq817

    Candle pruning

    When it comes to pine techniques, I think I understand candle pinching, needle thinning and bud selection. What I don't understand particularly well is what "candle pruning" entails. Is it removal of all the new growth from the beginning of this season's candles, or is it something else?