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    #12 is the grade of sand (I believe it's 1/12th of an inch). I agree the smaller sand retains more water. With all the modern substrates available, I don't use sand. JC
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    The sand that has been used is #12 sand that can be found at stone yards that provide concrete products. However, although John Naka is the Grandfather of Bonsai, I think there are better products like lava rock, scoria etc. Sand, I've found, stays too wet and I like to water often and have...
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    a prayer request for my baby boy.

    Hey Brother, Hug that kid he's going to be fine. This puts the important things in perspective. If you need anything bonsai, just let me know. JC
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    Frustrated with bonsai ability

    Hey marcosolo, It's Mr. ass to you!!!
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    Frustrated with bonsai ability

    remist, remist, remist, Alright, you can continue doing bonsai, but remember this, a man of great wisdom once said, "...when the student is ready, the teacher appears." It took me over 10 years to figure out Spider Mites were killing my pines - did I quit? I killed the first California...
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    Frustrated with bonsai ability

    You're a lost cause - quit right now! There's no crying in Bonsai! Find a new hobby! JC
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    Collecting California Juniper with JC

    Alright, you asked how they're doing and here it is. Four out of 6 survived, one is in a bonsai pot and is ready to be styled (the last Juniper in the pot was collected at a different time, but I threw in the picture just for fun). I like to wait until I get the Cal Juniper into a bonsai...
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    Japanese Black Pine emergency

    My good friend Beng! If this were the middle of summer, I wouldn't agree with you. However, this is the beginning of spring and the tree is coming into it's most active growing season, so one week should be all you need. Unless the pooch ripped off all the roots, they should regenerate as if...
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    Japanese Black Pine emergency

    Let me add my 2 cents worth. Here's my top 10 of what you need to do: 10. Don't panic 9. Make sure whatever you put the pine in is fast draining (this is critical) 8. Water daily in the morning (even the needles) & don't allow the tree to dry out 7. Do not tent the pine (this will only...
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    Itoiagawa whips

    Bob, Telperion Farms in Oregon sold me some whips in 4" containers (503)881-1147 the e-mail is JC
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    Are Italian Stone Pines good choices for bonsai?

    Stone Pine Bonsai at Fuji Bonsai Nursery I've seen several nice Stone Pines at Roy Nagatoshi's nursery (Fuji Bonsai Nursery). He constantly sheers the trees to make sure the foliage stays juvenile and compact. If you can get out to Roy's place, it would be worth the trip. JC
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    Some photos from GSBF Convention 20122 "California Dreaming"

    Tim, thanks for the great photos! I almost put you in my "Gentleman & Scholar" category until you made the comment about the Giants - too bad! I will admit they do have great pitching. You can redeem yourself by doing one of two things, retract the Giants comment or post more pics of the...
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    Some photos from GSBF Convention 20122 "California Dreaming"

    Attila, Well said, you've given me pause to think about what native species I should develop. JC
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    Some photos from GSBF Convention 20122 "California Dreaming"

    Paul, You are truly a gentleman and a scholar, and I want to thank you along with everyone else for taking the time to not only shoot those photos, but also post them. If we all took half the time and energy you took to post photos, this would be one hell of Bonsai website! Thanks JC
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    Black Pine from Seed

    A subtle note on growing pines from seed. Note that the seedling with the low branch is starting to gain taper, while the one without the low branch is looking like a "stove pipe". It's been my experience that you need to allow several very low branches to grow as sacrafice branches. Later...
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    "California Dreaming" GSBF Convention 2012!

    Thanks Brian, you're a gentleman and a scholar!
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    "California Dreaming" GSBF Convention 2012!

    To Anyone Going to the Convention, Please don't forget us poor unlucky suckers who can't attend. If you could send photos of the headliners (Kevin Willson, David Nguy & Ryan Neil) and anything else interesting, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Your buddy, "I Would Do The Same...
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    CA Juniper refinement

    Add Movement by Removing a Branch Nice tree, I would consider getting rid of the lower left branch to give the tree more movement and I would also lower the apex.
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    Petition to eliminate the "Bar"

    You've got my vote - Get rid of the Karake Bar! You've got my vote - Get rid of the Karake Bar!
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    Southern California Bonsai Clubs

    What's wrong with the Clubs in SoCal! Well Goose, How much you participate is up to you, nobody is going to come looking for you if you don't show up. I will say this, SoCal clubs are typically NOT lead by a Sensei (teacher) which I believe can be a weakness. A stong Sensei can really...
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    Collecting California Junipers with JC - I thought I could out collect Harry Hirao!

    Well Snowsurf, I'm glad you've found my pearls of wisdom helpful, however they're only pearls if your trees live! As far as misting trees, I've found that humidity is the key, so if you could keep the tree in a greenhouse or bag it in some way, you'll have much better success. Be careful...
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    Grey squirrel haters unite!

    I feel your pain, there's only one thing you should do: JC
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    California Juniper Repot with JC

    Hi Gang, I finally got around to repotting a few Cal Junipers and I just want to share what I did and maybe others can add comments. This is an interesting twisted California Juniper that I collected in January 2009. I don't like to wait too long to get these plants into bonsai pots...
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    Collecting California Junipers with JC - I thought I could out collect Harry Hirao!

    Alonsou, Some people have said not to remove the mountain soil, however, my experience has been that if I leave the mountain soil on, the roots stay too wet and they eventually rot out (remember over watering is the kiss of death). This is why I get rid of all the mountain soil (I loosen it...
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