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  1. 88mkiii

    moss or grass?

    i have a idea for a landscape for one of my trees but im having trouble finding live Kyoto moss. i was thinking about maybe using majestic Bermuda turf grass and keeping the roots of the grass separated from the tree. has any one used grass? what do yall think
  2. 88mkiii

    Role call!!!

    Ok guys post some pix of your fav trees, and tell us about them don't forget to include what kind of tree it is, age, location and your plans for it!! Texas Honey Mesquite Tree, 2 years old. Im thinking about putting it on a rock slab and doing a landscape with it.
  3. 88mkiii

    Help rain trees having leaves turn white and dray out

    my Brazilian rain tree pre bonsai which i grow in doors under grow lights are starting to get some leaves turn white and dry up and fall off can any one help?
  4. 88mkiii

    Japanese maple soil?

    Ya i just got some small Japanese Maple sprouts. i have 5 all bout 7 inches tall. what would be the best soil to use from them? my Fukien tea came with what looks like pure coconut, and it loves it. Now i have a bunch of the coconut cuz from what i can tell its the same stuff i use for...
  5. 88mkiii

    Seed germination tips

    Ok I have some Brazilian Rain tree seeds, Trident Maple and some Chinese Elm seeds. what would be the best/fastest way to Germinate them??
  6. 88mkiii

    Fukien Tea clipping rooting tips?

    Im going to be cutting a branch off of my fukien here soon and i wanted to try and root it and make it an up right tree. i have rooting powder but is there any one method that works best for rooting fukien tea clippings? the one i wana clip is the long bottom one
  7. 88mkiii

    Rooting Fukien Tea clipings

    any tips? i have a branch i want to take off soon. it has lots of new growth coming in on it and all over the tree. i have some rooting power. any tips or methods i should use? whats most effective?
  8. 88mkiii

    Rooting solutions? lil help

    Im trying to do some propagation from clippings and i want to know what is the best stuff to use to get a clipping to root. im trying to propagate a honey mesquite clipping and i have some Bontone Rooting powder. Is there better and whats the best way to do it? and ive heard of gels? just...
  9. 88mkiii

    Im new to bonsai and looking for tips

    Ok im new to bonsai, and i understand the basic idea and know you can bonsai just about any tree bush or shrub. How ever there are things i cant find out no matter how much i search the web. Ok to start i have 3 wild picked Texas loblolly pine trees i want to bonsai that are about 2 inches tall...
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