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  1. AutumnWolf13

    What is the most thoughtful Christmas gift you have received

    Left Alone! Kind of weird, but so am I. I have Aspergers Syndrome (High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder) and a very introverted personality (INTJ, which is shared by only 2% people) Everyone always pestered me come to their house, or stopped to visit me, because It's "SO SAD" to see you...
  2. AutumnWolf13

    What is the most thoughtful Christmas gift you have received

    Some people get all the luck!
  3. AutumnWolf13

    Gun Owners have rights too

    I believe Uncle Teddy! 30+ years...I'm weird too, Uncle Teddy! I'm weird too.
  4. AutumnWolf13

    Any D&D players out there?

    I still have my books from the late 70's, early 80's, possibly first run editions. Couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. We used to have epic all nighters. Haven't played since about 1985.
  5. AutumnWolf13

    Bonsai applications in other areas

    Count yourself lucky! I had some problems, but after 8 months the algae just kind of disappeared on its own. I guess when the beneficial bacteria built up to a point where it would instantly break down the ammonia that the algae spores needed to bloom. haven't had a lick of algae since, despite...
  6. AutumnWolf13

    Chinese Elm dropping leaves

    Gently took it out of the pot and the roots looked/smelled fine. Soil was moist but held no perched water. Popped it back in the pot and watered well. Put it into the semi-heated garage.
  7. AutumnWolf13

    Chinese Elm dropping leaves

    Great, Thanks. I think I'm going to keep it. My dad is 87 and suffers from CRS syndrome (Can't Remember Shit). If he put it somewhere other than the window sill, he would forget about it and it would surely die. and I checked with SunCalc, (a really keen on line program that shows the suns track...
  8. AutumnWolf13

    Chinese Elm dropping leaves

    My father got a (8") CE bonsai as a gift around Nov 22nd, and it started dropping leaves. He put it in his ENE facing bay window It's probably around 55 F/13 C -ish, being close to the window and all. It looks to be in a fairly peaty/sandy soil mix. He watered it once a week. I'm going to pick...
  9. AutumnWolf13

    US Native Deciduous Trees (please share your photos)

    Don't have any yet, but I'm trying to find Acer Pensylvanicum (Snakebark Maple) They get bright red striated bark in winter. I think it would look great in a group/forest bonsai.
  10. AutumnWolf13

    Bonsai applications in other areas

    With an emphasis on the +! I did the same with bonsai. I was going to do bonsai but wound up putting my efforts into a planted tank instead. I tried to do it years ago but couldn't keep the plants alive and the algae dead at the same time. New technologies and knowledge got me back into it 4...
  11. AutumnWolf13

    Bonsai applications in other areas

    I have a planted aquarium and last week the canister filter went belly up. Not to worry, as most aquarium owners, I had a backup...actually three backups. So I took out the foam pre-filter and wrapped it around a air operated sponge filter and put the biological media (pumice actually) in a used...
  12. AutumnWolf13

    Soil Mix for POTTED (non bonsai) Japanese Maples?

    No problems to speak of. Just couious to what others may use and why.
  13. AutumnWolf13

    Soil Mix for POTTED (non bonsai) Japanese Maples?

    I have some dwarf Japanese Maples in 2-3 gallon pots that ARE NOT going to become bonsai. I'm not looking to "grow them out" as the dwarfs take much too long to develop and I like them in their regular pots. I'm starting a bunch of tridents in a garden bed for bonsai. What soil would you...
  14. AutumnWolf13

    Acer buergerianum 'Miyasama kaede yatsubusa' or 'Miyasama yatsubusa'

    Nice Pics! They are beautiful trees at that! I bought 2 smaller ones for the grow out bed, but I can't wait that long! I'm going to have to get a nice pre-bonsai in the meanwhile.
  15. AutumnWolf13

    New Star trek Show!

    I already pay for a channel to get ONE THING...Game Of Thrones (because I'm addicted) I refuse to have to pay to watch another! I paid $160 a month, and tried to watch "Young Sheldon" and they wanted $1.50 to watch it on demand. NO MORE!!!
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    Thank you very much...

    I wish I could afford to fly over for Castle Fest, have to start buying lottery tickets again.
  17. AutumnWolf13

    Thank you very much...

    OMG! I love Omnia!
  18. AutumnWolf13

    Close call ...

    Looks like it would make a nice cascade!
  19. AutumnWolf13

    Are pine trees that picky?

    Excess wine usually INITIATES propagation!!!
  20. AutumnWolf13

    The future of our planet

    After Climate-gate Michael Mann who was TOTALLY discredited, and somehow he is still considered a "leading expert". Al Gore screeching the research is OVER, then actual scientists found 19 egregious errors in his movie, 99% of "computer models" were SERIOUSLY overblown, The fact that "global...
  21. AutumnWolf13

    Goelote? Calcined clay (LECA)? I looked for mfg. No luck
  22. AutumnWolf13

    has anyone used biochar?

    Asking out of newbie quriosity, no intention of start any soil war shenanigans, but what are detrimental effects do organics have? Is Akadama considered organic? I have used 1/8" to 1/4" pine for my (non-bonsai) Japanese Maples in the past. I need to repot them this year and was thinking about...
  23. AutumnWolf13

    pond basket or ground?

    I favor high velocity lead poisoning. The neighbors.....Not so much,
  24. AutumnWolf13

    pond basket or ground?

    From what I've read, Tridents are zone 5. I'm assuming I could leave them in ground?
  25. AutumnWolf13

    pond basket or ground?

    Great video, but he stated he is in the tropics where growing season is all year long. How would this translate into zone 6b-7a where winter gets down to zero to 5F?