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    Repotted my Juniper in freezing weather!

    I have a large juniper that I just repotted this weekend. I have repotted pines in February before and they are doing great. I don't know why I decided to repot my juniper... I guess I had a free weekend and wanted to get it out of the way. The center 1/3 of the root ball was frozen solid, so...
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    Copper Wire from Adams' Bonsai

    I ordered some copper wire from Adams' Bonsai ( It arrived at my house 2 days later. They even shipped it to my house without me pre-paying! They said it would be easier to bill me so they could include the shipping cost. Their wire is great quality and the best deal...
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    Stainless Steel Tools - Much better?

    I am thinking about getting a new set of shears. My old shears are wearing out and gather rust after a few days. I rub them down with WD40 and a rag every once in a while, but they still rust. Do any of you have stainless tools? How do they hold up? This is the pair I want...
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    New banyan style ficus.

    Just picked up this banyan style ficus. It desperately needs a repot and a good trimming/styling. I just love the trunk. It appears to actually be 3 trees merged together. They all appear to be the same species. I need to start pulling some branches down to give it a more triangular foliage...
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    Ok to de-candle JBP?

    I haven't been working with JBP very long. I just got my first one 2 years ago. I have been busy this summer and just got around to decandling last week. I only took off a few on top, but then I remembered I was supposed to do the lower half first. Should I go ahead and de-candle the...
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    Stick in a Pot

    New meaning to "stick in a pot"?
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    Large juniper chinensis progression. Was an 8ft ornamental!

    I found this for $15 a few years ago in the fall. It was an 8ft tall pom-pom style and was half dead. I knew it wouldn't fit in my car, so I had the nursery manager take the top off with a bow saw. The following spring I cut off 1/3 of the root ball and repotted it into a training box. Last...
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    Indoor Tropicals Not Growing After Move

    I moved to a new house about 5 months ago. As soon as I moved, the weather turned cold, so I had to bring my tropicals indoors as soon as I got here. The first 3-4 waterings were with softened water (salty). It dawned on me that it probably wasn't good for them, so I started watering using...
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    Bonsai Bird Nest!

    My dad has a few bonsai trees on his patio. This spring he noticed a bird nest in his ficus. They have now hatched! :)
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    Tiger Bark Ficus - Branch Question

    I recently acquired this ficus and it has since been repotted and all of the surface roots removed and reworked. I do not know what to do with this lower left branch. I do not currently like the way it follows the trunk line. Here are my proposed ideas: 1. Remove it. 2. Bind it to the...
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    2010 Newark Ohio Bonsai Show - Photos

    Here are photos of the 2010 Dawe's Arboretum Ohio Regional Bonsai Show in Newark Ohio.
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    Larger Potted Trees - Don't seem to need watering...ever.

    Most of my trees are shohin sized and all have very coarse soil mixtures. They use water "normally" depending on the season and temperature. I have a few large junipers in ~2ft cubed grow boxes that never seem to dry out. They were nursery potted (dense potting soil). Last year I raked the...
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    Blue Spruce - Attemping to Salvage

    I found this Blue Spruce a few years ago at the local nursery for $5. Obviously no one in their right mind would buy this hideous thing, but I decided to give it a try for $5. The only possible solution my local club and I could think of was literati. I still have to work on the jin/shari...
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    Pines browning near roadways?

    I drove from North Carolina to Ohio today and noticed some disturbing damage to most all pines along the roadway. The west facing side of all pines were dead and had brown needles. Many of the smaller pines were completely dead. Trees on the west side of the road appeared to be undamaged...
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    Water with high calcium content.

    My city water seems to have a high calcium content. Most of my surface soil, roots and bark get calcium deposits on them after a few months of watering. I water with rain water every now and then to help flush it away, but once it is encrusted, it is tough to remove. 1. Will this affect...
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    Short Terra Cotta Training Pots

    Where do the lower profile terra cotta pots come from? I usually see them in pictures and articles from Japan. I have not seen them for sale in the states and can't even find them online at the typical bonsai resources. Are they much more abundant in Japan? Thanks!
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    Juniper Sabina

    My local nursery has quite a few Juniper Sabina 'Broadmoor'. I have picked up a few over the last few years, but I can't seem to find much info online about them. It seems that the only bonsai examples I can find are from Walter Pall. Seen Here. And Here. Does anyone have any experience...
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