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  1. mcpesq817

    NBF World Bonsai Day demo--Chase Rosade forest redesign

    Hmm where was Natures Way? I must have missed them. Is that a Colorado Blue Spruce? I think I saw it yesterday, is a really nice tree.
  2. mcpesq817

    Our most loyal members...

    Wow, seriously? That's crazy growth. Did you put it in the ground at all or kept it in a pot? I have a Scots that I put in the ground for about 3-5 years. Caliper only got to about 1.5", and I ended up digging it up this year to put in an anderson flat. I was going to keep it on the...
  3. mcpesq817

    Our most loyal members...

    Do the veterans qualify as NBWs (Net Bonsai Wankers)? That was an interesting point in time in Bnut history.
  4. mcpesq817

    Our most loyal members...

    Is the scots the same one in the bottom right front? If so, really nice progress! The trunk thickened quite a bit.
  5. mcpesq817

    When is the best time to take Chojubai cuttings?

    That's been my experience too. It's almost like the whole plant will look like it wants to die yet strongly live in other sections.
  6. mcpesq817

    NBF World Bonsai Day demo--Chase Rosade forest redesign

    Plenty of vendors with supplies, so that's always a plus. In terms of stock, unfortunately as with most of the PBA shows, you either find very young starter stock that will take years to grow out and develop, or there are "developed" trees in pots that go for quite a bit of money -- not much in...
  7. mcpesq817

    NBF World Bonsai Day demo--Chase Rosade forest redesign

    A few vendors had smaller JBPs. But, if I remember correctly, these were $100-150. You could get similar stock in 3-5 years buying inexpensive seedlings from Matt Ouwinga and using the colander method.
  8. mcpesq817

    NBF World Bonsai Day demo--Chase Rosade forest redesign

    I think I saw one BC in a pot, a few hornbeams, but no hemlocks.
  9. mcpesq817

    NBF World Bonsai Day demo--Chase Rosade forest redesign

    Just got back a bit ago. No vendor tent this year, instead the vendors are in the building and courtyard area right outside where the former koi pond is. I don't recall all the vendors, but Meehans, Bonsai Learning Center, Superfly Bonsai, Dave Paris, and I think Pauline Muth. A couple of...
  10. mcpesq817

    NBF World Bonsai Day demo--Chase Rosade forest redesign

    Any Nuts planning to be there tomorrow? I took the day off and am going to try to get there around 10am.
  11. mcpesq817

    Zuisho White Pine

    That's pretty fast growth in caliper. Do you mind me asking how you planted it in the ground? Did you use a root bag or something similar? Pine roots seem to run pretty far, so ground growing is a bit tricky.
  12. mcpesq817

    Ponderosa in VA

    It's filling out nicely. There's no rush on wiring, important thing is to get it established, healthy and vigorous. In terms of wiring, the branches are very flexible and my sense is that they will only really "set" if you wire in pretty tight bends. My guess is that having tiny breaks in the...
  13. mcpesq817

    Flowers 2018

    Anyone know what this is? This popped up in my yard among some strategic pre-bonsai that I'm growing out in the landscape...the blue flowers come off long stalks about 2-3' off the ground, and the leaves seem to be compound as in the second picture.
  14. mcpesq817

    Help pick a tree to show

    Geez Brian, I wish I had this embarrassment of riches :) All are cool - I'd lean towards the ume but maybe pick something different from the other submissions? Though I'd bet that the ume and gingko would be unique.
  15. mcpesq817

    Western North Carolina Pines

    Love seeing these pines driving through Shenandoah.
  16. mcpesq817

    My pomegranate collection

    Very interesting flower!
  17. mcpesq817

    Japanese Flowering Quince cuttings in training.

    Amazing! Such deep red for a quince too, very nice!
  18. mcpesq817

    Big cypress

    Quirky base on it but I like it. You could always try to bury it deeper up to the flare if you ever wanted a more traditional looking tree. Otherwise, lots of cool character as is! What is the goof gun?
  19. mcpesq817

    My 'Ben Oki' azalea

    Sweet tree - love the nebari on it.
  20. mcpesq817

    Pumice in DMV area?

    Just make sure you get Dry Stall, and not Stall Dry - the latter is powdered pumice. I had a hard time finding pumice a year or two ago, after having success going to Southern States for Dry Stall. I ended up ordering it online - I think I got it from Dallas Bonsai and/or Jonas from...
  21. mcpesq817

    A long awaited special treat...

    I think it's always hard when you have a particular vision in mind for a tree to have that vision disrupted by ideas from others. But, it's always good to have an open mind and ask others - well others with a good eye - look at your tree. Others that haven't spent hours/days/years looking at...
  22. mcpesq817

    A long awaited special treat...

    For what it's worth, I think the tree looks greatly improved without that branch. Really nice!
  23. mcpesq817

    My Shohin Collection ....

    Really beautiful. Always a treat to see your trees. Do you happen to know what type(s) of azaleas those are in your last set of pictures? Really gorgeous flowers.
  24. mcpesq817

    small beauty

    I have the Kyosuke Gun series. Same guy that did the picture tutorials on the older Bonsai Today mags. Each book is of a particular species. Pricey, but if you want a good book to show how to take small, undeveloped material and work it into nice shohin, I don’t think they can be beat. If...
  25. mcpesq817

    Plant poachers

    I agree 100%. I won't ever show a tree if identifying information is included.