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  1. Aeast

    European yew #2

    Beautiful work, it almost makes me like yews.
  2. Aeast

    Inconsistent notifications

    Yes, it seems like it only notifies you a certain amount of time after. Always wondered about this as well.
  3. Aeast

    Anyone here have some hornbeam pics (american hornbeam)

    Fast development on that one, nice trees.
  4. Aeast

    Anyone here have some hornbeam pics (american hornbeam)

    Here's a couple I colcted back in the spring, both are growing well.
  5. Aeast

    japanese beetles

  6. Aeast

    Collected Hemlock first of the year

    Beautiful tree! Nice find
  7. Aeast

    Columbus Bonsai Society 2018 Annual Show, Columbus Ohio, July 14-15

    If I can I'll definitely be there!
  8. Aeast

    Squirrels and other Varmints

    Yes! .22
  9. Aeast

    Something sweet!

    I agree, we need more natives! These would definitely lend themselves to a larger bonsai due to leaf size, but to be honest I'd be more interested in the fall color and winter silhouette than anything.
  10. Aeast

    To chop or not to chop..

    I like the elegant lines of this hornbeam and don't mind a tall thin tree, but does this need a chop down to that first branch? What say you?
  11. Aeast

    Something sweet!

    I collected this sugar maple from our sugar grove this spring. I know these don't make ideal bonsai but to me it's worth a try. I admire all the large trees that give us so much sap every year and I'd like to try and emulate one. I have a few others as well but I like the curves on this one!
  12. Aeast

    American Beech Collection

    Hopefully this doesn't spread to your other beech. I sure do wish they would figure this out so we know what we are dealing with, very interesting disease for sure.
  13. Aeast

    Attention hemlock lovers

    Beautiful tree
  14. Aeast

    Worthy yamadori?

    Definitely not beech. I'd say, black cherry, american chestnut and ??
  15. Aeast

    It's still time to defoliate deciduous

    Can this practice be done to American beech as well? Assuming it's healthy of course.
  16. Aeast

    Building a wet slab bonsai pot

    World class pots and technique!
  17. Aeast

    Collected American Hornbeam

    Beautiful trunk line, hornbeam are awesome,
  18. Aeast

    Black stuff on mulberry leaves

    That lools like mite damage to me, starts off yellow and then turns brown/black.
  19. Aeast

    Hemlock Apex

  20. Aeast

    Hemlock Apex

    Here's the tree as of today. Just trying to keep the new growth pinched back. This is the chosen front, and given the large space void of roots in the front, we might try a pseudo root over rock design with a custom pot.
  21. Aeast

    Eastern hemlock top

    Did you really? I'll try to find some more info on it next time I see one of the experts. Hopefully they have some more insight as to what is causing it. I do know that so far it's only found up in your area, along the lake.
  22. Aeast

    A tree for next Spring?

    For beech you need to wait until late winter/early spring. Having said that i personally wouldnt collect this tree, I don't really see potential there.
  23. Aeast

    Nyssa sylvatica, aka..blackgum, tupelo!

    Unfortunately this one didn't make it. Every one I've collect has a giant tap root and very few lateral roots. This species might have to take a 2-3 year approach for collection.
  24. Aeast

    Eastern hemlock top

    This tree and pot look even better in person, stunning tree.
  25. Aeast


    What species is this? Awesome tee