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  1. tree4me

    Jim Barret stamps

    I recently acquired a Jim Barret pot. I did a little searching and notice three different stamps. Does anyone know the difference, ie time frame, or the reason for the change?
  2. tree4me

    Half an idea... looking for ideas for pad arrangement

    Here is a common juniper I got a few years back as received... This is today. I'm not quite getting the branch arrangement. Anyone see what I am missing or not getting? I know styling is subjective but I'd like several small pads just can't figure out how to best arrange them.
  3. tree4me

    Recommendations for pot purchase

    My son will be in Tokyo in April visiting friends. I don't want to infringe on his fun searching, but would like him to pick me up a nice pot. Any recommendations?
  4. tree4me

    Grafting in North Carolina

    Is now a good time to start scion grafting junipers? I live near Charlotte NC.
  5. tree4me

    First elf

    Since i really I don't see them often in my area I had to pick up a Pyracantha. I dug around the roots and it has about an 1" base. I've read a lot of threads here and they seem to tolerate hard pruning. They also seem to root easily from cuttings. I'd like to get a tree about 6-8". As is it's...
  6. tree4me

    Bjorn BYOT workshop material

    OK, October 20 I have a BYOT with Bjorn Bjorholm. Of the few trees I have, the junipers, I re-potted some of them in February and they have been semi styled . They are doing well with lots of runners. Could I take one of these? I also have a procumbens and parsonii from local nurseries and 2...
  7. tree4me

    Paul Katich pot

    The newest addition to my American Bonsai potters collection, love it!
  8. tree4me

    Post bloom azalea treatment

    So after letting my Wakaebisu fully bloom i removed all flowers and trimmed. I'd like to see how others are treating theirs and how they look afterwards. I chose to replace the apex and will let it grow out for a time. Also removed one of the lower branches, left side, as there were 3. Still a...
  9. tree4me

    New juniper can anyone ID?

    I picked this up about a month ago and the health was suspect. It's looking better but will be a while before I do anything. It's planted in DE. Can anyone ID with pics of bark and foliage. It's seems to be all new scale growth coming out. thanks for any input in advance.
  10. tree4me

    New to seiju

    Picked this up yesterday this side has the live bark this side is dead trunk
  11. tree4me

    Hard to read signature

    Picked this up today. I love the texture and feel of this pot, but the signature is really hard to see. Anyone have an idea of who may have made it?
  12. tree4me

    Repotted Pfitzer Juni

    Repotted today. Not the best pot, don't have many, and the angle may/will be changed down the road but it fit so there she'll stay for a few years til I get get a more appropriate pot.
  13. tree4me

    Wakaebisu #3

    I picked this up at the end of November 2017. Today it gets its first pruning. Thinking to remove the 2 low right branches to start a trunk line and ad-lib the rest as I go thru it.
  14. tree4me

    Fallen Juniper...need advise

    With the snow falling I go to the yard and take some pics of my trees covered with snow. I go back out to look around and my cascading juniper has fallen of the bench and broke the pot. I quickly place it in an oval mica pot and fill with soil. Question...should I water it in and keep in...
  15. tree4me

    Taxus cusp. bugs or buds

    This is my only yew, so far, and I haven't paid much attention to it in a awhile. I noticed theses brown/black bumps. Anyone know what they are? I looked up pest on taxus specifically but didn't see anything the same.
  16. tree4me

    robusta junipers

    Found this deal on Craigslist and wondering if they are worth a try.
  17. tree4me

    Waka ebisu step

    I trimmed/pinched off all the flowers today. With all the rain we've been getting they looked like crap. Can I hard prune this now or is it too late in the season?
  18. tree4me

    Repotting Juniper

    I have a few junipers in nursery pots or large training pots that, over the next few years, I'd like to get into nanban pots. If no other work is done other than reducing the rootball and replacing the old soil what would be a reasonable time frame/schedule? say from this pot ... to this...
  19. tree4me

    Not a pot...can anyone translate?

  20. tree4me

    Ceramics question

    My wife found a beautiful tray/dish labeled Kaparounakis ceramics. It feels like a quality piece. I searched online and found them to be in Greece. any further info would be appreciated, ie price, possible age.
  21. tree4me

    First attempt

    I found this in the yard and thought it pretty neat so... into a pot and wallah my first kusamono. If only it were that easy but here it is.
  22. tree4me

    Montmorillonite clay granular vs diatomaceous earth

    I was talking to a neighbor who works on motorcycles and he mentioned he had seen my bonsai. While we were looking at my trees I mentioned wanting to use Napa 8822 to start some cuttings. This morning on the way out to work I found a bag of Thrifty sorb on my porch, a gift I guess. I looked it...
  23. tree4me

    Quince cuttings

    OK, so I was able acquire a handful of these cuttings, Quince I believe. Looking for recommendations on doing cuttings. Is it to late in the year, too early, did I get lucky, recommended potting medium, though the Napa 8822 thread has me intrigued. Right now they are soaking in a mild...
  24. tree4me

    Hard cutback on azaleas

    Here's a Wakaebisu I cut back yesterday. Last year I cut back some branches to stubs. This year I started removing them completely. The red line is the trunk I'd like to use. The green lines are stubs I need to remove. Can the green marked stubs be removed cleanly since there is growth below the...
  25. tree4me

    Beautyberry and forsythia

    I was cleaning up the yard and noticed some forsythia starting bloom. During the winter some beautyberry fruiting. Question is can I collect them now, I think they'll make some nice shohin?
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