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  1. rockm

    3-D tour 7th National Bonsai Exhibition

    Bill V. used the same 3-D tech that Mirai did to record the exhibition. Stop bitching about no photos... 😁
  2. rockm

    Mirai FB post of show booth

    For those of you on FB, don't know if you saw the post from Mirai. Ryan and company posted a three dimensional, interactive photo map of their entire vendor display area at the show. You can walk through it (by clicking like on Google Maps), view shelves and even measure individual pots! it's...
  3. rockm

    NBF bog post John Naka

    The National Bonsai Foundation marked what would have been John Naka's 107 birthday with a bunch of excellent posts--and if you're not on the e-mail list for new NBF blog posts, you probably should be ;-)
  4. rockm

    Bonsai theft from a long time ago

    I ran across this article in a web search. It happened around the time I started doing bonsai. Funny story. Someone either hated the cheap pot it was in, or just wanted the pot...Strange...
  5. rockm

    Mary Madison

    Don't know if this has been noted here yet, but bonsai lost yet another living legend last week. Mary Madison, a pioneer of American bonsai and "buttonwood queen," passed away in late July. She was one of those larger than life figures in bonsai, like John Naka. She knew native Florida species...
  6. rockm

    Potomac Bonsai Association Show and Sale returns

    The Potomac Bonsai Association's show and sale is coming back Oct. 7-9 at the National Arboretum. I've missed this one for a while. Looking forward to it. Haven't been up there in quite a while.
  7. rockm

    bald cypress in Carolina, 2,600 years old

    Fascinating article and video. Western conifers (bristlecone, Redwood, sequoia) get all the press for longevity, but there are eastern species capable of extremes too. A 2,600 year old Bald Cypress in North Carolina's Black River refuge. Bald cypress is a truly remarkable tree...
  8. rockm

    Coast Live oak history

    Profile on huge coast live oak at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum....
  9. rockm

    Been Busy

    I've been very busy the last year or so with a new job, so haven't been around here. I apologize for dropping out so quietly. The pandemic has given me a renewed appreciation for my trees and for bonsai folk. Two recent events (well one very recent, the other not so much), had me missing the...
  10. rockm

    International Bonsai

    Bill Valavanis is selling off some stock. All of the awesome stuff is mostly gone, but there are plenty of great to really good trees left...
  11. rockm

    Worthwhile blog posts

    The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum put out a few very interesting blog posts on significant contributors and history If you have a few minutes, they're all worth reading...
  12. rockm

    Gemini Man Will Smith bonsai

    I watched "The Gemini Man" with Will Smith a week or so ago. The movie begins by showing off lead-character, ex-hit man Will Smith's Florida rustic Florida house. On the rail of the porch out back are several pretty nice bonsai, including what looks like a bald cypress and black pine. Anyone...
  13. rockm

    Don Gould again

    I poste this earlier today in another Don Gould thread. I don't know if it made it. Anyway, picked up this DG oval from Matt Ouwinga last week. Matty O is selling some choice Western bonsai potters work on consignment from a "noted collection" here in the east. I'm always a sucker for DGould's...
  14. rockm

    If you're in the D.C. area-freeze tonight

    There is a freeze watch up tonight and probably tomorrow night. It's a tricky call to protect trees with the forecast. It's forecast to be 35 here in No. Va. near Springfield. that means frost is definite a freeze is possible. I could probably get away with leaving some trees out to night...
  15. rockm

    Bonsai and Penjing Museum homepage takeover

    This sounds like a pretty interesting event on May 9 on the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum's site for World Bonsai Day (and kind of a replacement for the cancelled PBA show and sale that usually happens this weekend at the arboretum) Virtual tours of private collections, videos, blogs, etc...
  16. rockm

    Wisteria hernia

    This monster is in the garage of a friend of mine. He dug it a few years ago. It's beginning to bloom reliably.
  17. rockm

    National Bonsai And Penjing Museum Closes down

    The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum has shut down because of COVID 19, as have most of the public attractions in D.C. So if you're looking for bonsai inspiration, a walk in the woods is not the same as strolling the museum, but it will have to do for now...
  18. rockm

    Pacific Bonsai Museum on CNN

    This is how I would have gone too. Big media coverage, as big as possible. Interesting story for mainstream press too. As much publicity as possible to stop a sale and put pressure on the thieves...
  19. rockm


    Interesting story about rat-shaped bonsai in Vietnam in the new year the last paragraph is kind of startling... "Bonsai tree plantations in Ben Tre province, southern Vietnam, produce...
  20. rockm

    Anyone want to apprentice at the National Bonsai & Penjing museum?

    Here's your chance
  21. rockm

    Papa Kaneshiro historic ficus

    The post linked below is to a National Bonsai and Penjing museum blog post about one of the historic trees at the facility--a ficus specifically cross-bred for bonsai by another unsung U.S. bonsai pioneer, "Papa" Kaneshiro of Hawaii. The museum's tropical species greenhouse is named in his...
  22. rockm

    Wisteria fans

    For you all out there looking at wisteria and what to collect. If you live in an area where this species has become naturalized, this is the kind of trunk you can find that makes getting a wisteria worthwhile. I ran across this one a couple of years ago in a tangle of...
  23. rockm

    Nick Lenz exhibit

    FYI, if you're planning on going to the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the National Arboretum on Saturday (Nov. 2) to see the Nick Lenz exhibition, you might want to delay a day or a week. D.C. is hosting a parade for the Nationals that day from 2-5 pm downtown along Constitution and...
  24. rockm

    Interesting NBF articles on Penjing/bonsai
  25. rockm

    Even the CIA has problems with indoor bonsai

    This article was in the Washington Post yesterday. The CIA director was making all the rookie mistakes with a pretty awesome buttonwood gifted from the UAE--humidity tray of sorts, plugging up the air conditioning, etc. Had the sense to turn to the experts for help. BTW, this is one of the best...
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