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  1. c54fun

    E bike (Electric bicycle)

    I recently bought an E bike. WAY to fun to ride. Wanted to get back into bicycling and cant stand my regular bike. Riding the new e bike is fantastic. Big hills, wind are no longer a concern. Bad knees, overweight also not a problem. There are lots and lots of different types out there. I bought...
  2. c54fun

    Funny picture.

  3. c54fun

    Nice looking bobcat.

    Short clip of a nice looking bobcat going to the back door. I've never seen them out during the day.
  4. c54fun

    Bougy re pot. (Defoliation vs non defoliation.)

    I had two bougys needing a re pot. Both sit in the same place and get treated the same. I decided to defoliate one and not the other and see what happens. I know there are many many variables and this is not a true test but just wanted to compare the two and see for myself if there is a...
  5. c54fun

    Do you see a face?

    I clean the top layer off and took this picture. I see a face.
  6. c54fun

    Dawn redwood

    Thought I would post some pictures of my dawn redwood. I'm trying to learn how to make trees look a little more natural. For me I just want to remove every branch and then wire only the exact one I want. This is fine but I tend to really like the trees that look more natural like @Walter Pall...
  7. c54fun

    King snake ??

    I went outside tonight and almost stepped on this snakes head. I'm hopping its a king snake but not sure. I'm ok with them but not copper heads. It seemed like it could change colors at one point the front turned the color of the ground. At least thats what it looked like.
  8. c54fun

    Bonsai area ground covering.

    The grass around my bonsai area is trashed from building the pool and I decided to put down weed fabric and wanted to get ideas on what has worked well for ground cover. Rock, pebbles, shell??? I just dont know what works well. I dont want to re sod. Pain to mow under the stands. Any info on...
  9. c54fun

    Updated rain barrel and hose.

    Thought I would share a picture of the new rain barrels and hose real. I had one 30 gallon barrel before. These are 55 gallons. I used a regular garden hose and would unroll and re roll back on the wall. Put one of these auto reals up in the back and ended up mounting one by the barrels and in...
  10. c54fun

    Master T Phanthai

    This persons facebook page showed up on my page to view. Thought I would share. I enjoyed looking at his work.
  11. c54fun

    Difficult pool project

    Thought I would post some picture of the pool project at my house. I'm over 2 month into it now. Nobody wanted to take on the job because I have such a sloped back yard and also a greenbelt in the back. Just about gave up then I found a guy that was excited and liked the challenge. The biggest...
  12. c54fun

    Before and after trunk cleaning

    Decided to clean the trunk on this tree. Such a big difference. Before cleaning. After cleaning, sanding.
  13. c54fun

    Lemon tree.

    I decided to grow a lemon tree last year. Will never be a bonsai but wanting to end up in a 5 gallon container. Its been growing a lot this winter in the green house. Was just out there watering and noticed all the boogies are getting ready to flower and then noticed something on the lemon tree...
  14. c54fun

    Best time to chop?

    Wanting to know the best time to trunk chop a Japanese maple and a bald cypress. I live in Dallas Texas. The maple is mainly for learning. Want to chop and later want to attempt to air layer above nasty graft. Thanks and happy holidays.
  15. c54fun

    Bald cypress project

    I'm finding that cypress grows real well here in Dallas so I started a long term project with a small one. Not much now and its not a seedling but has the start to some decent taper. Plan to use @BillsBayou method on fattening up the trunk. This will never bee a big tree but I'm wanting a medium...
  16. c54fun

    Tiny smoke tree

    I decided to buy a little smoke tree early summer just to see it grow. When I got it it was ate up from bugs and just seemed dead. Poor color. It did nothing all summer. Got tired of it just sitting doing nothing and cut it way down. About two days later it started growing. Don't know what the...
  17. c54fun

    What a shame.

  18. c54fun

    Strawberry guava. Will it live.

    Not much to post but I thought I would start a thread on this tiny guava. My big tree grows so well I thought I would give this little one a chance. Not much here but who knows. Be pretty cool if years down the road I could look back and see the progress. I'm just hoping it lives at this point.
  19. c54fun

    Lazy Susan Turntable

    I bought this turntable to replace my $15 cake decorating one that has worked good for years. This new one is 21 inches wide and can handle a lot of weight. I put it under this big tree and it turns with just a fingertip of pressure. Very low profile and not wobbly at all. Doesn't lock but I...
  20. c54fun

    Gold rush guy singing Sound of Silence

    I would have never though he could sing anything.
  21. c54fun

    Utility cart

    Thought I would make a post about this small utility cart. This little cart will make my life a lot easier. Great for moving larger bonsai's. It was around $70 shipped. Rated for over 600lb. Steers great. Side panels come right off. Low to the ground so its not tippy. I'm sure its great for...
  22. c54fun

    Big cypress

    Got good news today that my two big cypress are being shipped. Cant wait to see them. One is a bald and the other a pond. Been wanting something big to work with. For some reason I still really like my little bald cypress. Its been a lot of fun so far. I finally bought a small wagon to help...
  23. c54fun

    WTB Bald cypress

    Hi all. Looking for a Nice wide based bald cypress to work on. Main thing I'm looking for is a nice wide and tapered trunk. If its been wired and worked on that also ok. Finished tree is also fine but one that needs work would be best. Maybe a 3 inch main trunk with flared bottom or bigger. Thanks.
  24. c54fun

    My little sweet gum

    Thought I would post a couple of pictures of my little sweet gum tree. Its the smallest tree I have. Will never bee anything special but fun to work on and may have some nice color in the fall. Grows well in my area also. Next year I plan on defoliating to get the leaves smaller. They shrink up...
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