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    stolen bonsai

    This is one of the trees stolen from New England Bonsai last month that was dear to my heart. I've been working on it for the past few years as part of our permanent collection at the nursery. It is a Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)that was started from a cutting in 1974...
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    Anyone used this product in their soil mix? It looks and feels like lava rock but is even lighter in weight and a tannish brown color. It is made from recycled glass, believe it or not. I'm sure the price is higher than lava for West Coasters who have ready access to that...
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    Auction to benefit Omachi Gambatta

    On the Bonsai Study Group Forum (, an auction section has been set up specifically to raise money for Isao Omachi Relief. Sellers can donate an item for the auction, specify minimum bids, etc (like ebay). The money from the winning bidder goes to Omachi Gambatta (how...
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    Silly Shohin ;-0

    Someone gave me a big Brugmansia tree a few years ago and I decided to make something absurd. I airlayered a section of it to make a shohin with a flower bigger than the tree. I have to repot it a few times per year but it flowers profusely in the summer - just have to water it profusely or...
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    special mame bonsai tools ;-0

    Anyone see these custom made tools on ebay ? WTF? looks like the long handles were just added to existing large tools. Not sure the leverage...
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