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    Trident Maple yellow leaves

    This tree has been in the ground about 5 years now. Today when I walked around to look at the trees I saw yellow leaves all around it on the ground. I think it did something like this before but not this many leaves. what can I do to stop this thanks
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    Kurume Azalea

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    My 'Ben Oki' azalea

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    Collecting Wisteria 3-7-20

    rockm I know what you mean, they will take over. I planted a small pencil size in the yard near a pine and it's a battle. Also have one that my wife started from seed and got tired of it so I work with it now and it has never bloomed, I read they don't bloom for first 12 years. I think it is at...
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    Collecting Wisteria 3-7-20

    Jonathan, Thanks for the compliment. Now sure if I understand about the editing. Pictures were taking with IPhone, copy to pc via USB. Then right click each picture and select "Send to Email" then MS Outlook opens with the pictures as attachments. I select the higher quality but that is still...
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    Collecting Wisteria 3-7-20

    If you look at the first picture in this post you will see the buds are already on the branches that I left. They opened this week, I know this does not mean the tree is growing, just energy that was in the trunk. But at least is did not just die. There is new growth at the top and 2 shoots...
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    Collected Beech 3-7-20

    I noticed today they are getting bigger, maybe it will make it.
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    Japanese Maple from cutting

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    The Social Isolation Thread

    C. S. Lewis would have liked that :) Like your trees ..
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    New Winged Elm

    This has gotten a bit bigger and I did a repot last year getting the roots in a better shape. No new branches have come out on it. I am trying to pull 2 of them down but they are really on opposite side of each other and 1 will have to go at some point. When I got it out of the winter room...
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    Winter Storage removal SurpriseS

    Thanks Scott, One of the tree is completely Dead, 2 of them that had the black, I cut the small branch off and that is all on the burn pile away from the trees. Today, I looked at the 2 and cut them back some more as it appeared to be dark at the top and where I cut to looked healthy but it was...
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    Sounds Great, I realized after I posted, that it may have sounded negative about your move. Did not mean that at all and figured it may be to get near family. I am in deep south Alabama and know there is a big difference here than west cost... that is what I was thinking about.
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    :oops:From one cost to the other, that's a big move. If you have lived in California all your life, you are in for a big surprise.
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    Winter Storage removal SurpriseS

    Cajunrider, I agree, the room does not have a floor, just grey rocks so I put boards on the rocks for the tree so sit on just in case roots try to grow out of the pot. I did NOT pick up the boards yesterday, will Saturday and hope any visitors have gone if they were there. I thought the snake...
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    Winter Storage removal SurpriseS

    With the DLS change I had about an hour of daylight left after work and gym. I figured I would take my trees out of the small house that is really for our well filter. I rebuilt it a few years ago with transparent roof and tall enough for some trees. We have a light that hangs from a bungee cord...
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    Collected Beech 3-7-20

    While on our property this weekend, I got this, not much to the trunk but did get a fair amount of roots. Couple years ago RockM told me Beech do not like drastic root cut back when collecting, the one he told me about died. So I hope this will have a better chance. I had about 2 hours of day...
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    Collecting Wisteria 3-7-20

    I got access to this Wisteria, there is a much larger one about 4 feet away and I think this came up it, you can see above ground roots between the 2. Seems everything I dig does not have much roots, but one big tap. This has more than some I have dug. I cut it back, I think it really...
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    Looking for a Hornbeam

    A couple of years ago I collected a Beech on our land and some people made comments that there should be some Hornbeam around since there were Beech and they may be close to water. This weekend I decided to take a look Saturday afternoon, good chance to get my Dad out of the house as he enjoys...
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    Sharps Pygmy new addition

    Nice tree, I have been looking at those for a while too, missed the sale, plans got change at the last minute. Your location, that close to Brussels, would be a problem for me ... :)
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    Collected Wisteria Soil

    Thanks Leo and Cofga, your info will help. Hope to dig this weekend, will post pictures.
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    Tree identification

    Thanks to everyone for your reply / help. As most have said it is not too much to it and you see where I pulled the pine straw back to see the bottom and it looked straight all the way into the soil. Just thought it may be something to work with but think I will just leave it in the ground.
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    Collected Wisteria Soil

    I found an nice wisteria that I can collect this weekend. What would be the best soil for this, should I bare root it or leave some original soil? I have some turface & bark / Pumice / used Brussels soil I read some of the past post about collected wisteria on here, just asking current opinions ...
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    Tree identification

    Saw this tree this weekend, idea of what it is and would it be worth collecting?
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    Timing (and tips) for chopping a landscape Azalea

    Thanks Leo I think my water is Soft, I say that because the soap lathers up very easy. I plan to have the water tested, just got to take the time ... I killed a couple of Walmart azalea with our well water, I think it was the water or maybe just me .. they were cheap and really for a test ...
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    Sharpes pygmy maple

    I read this last night and it kept coming back to mind all day. This makes a lot of sense for many of us on this forum. There are many on this forum that produce high quality show trees (some of them have replied to the OP) that we all look at their trees and strive to someday have such a tree...
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