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  1. fredman

    Full defoliation

    Thank you Walter 👍
  2. fredman

    Full defoliation

    May I ask...what are the deciding factors when you choose between hedge pruning, and a full defoliation? I take it for granted that a full defoliation is only done on a advanced tree in good I right, or not?
  3. fredman

    Second flush on European Beech

    I agree..a pic will be welcome. Did you do a cut back, or defoliation?
  4. fredman

    Is this AP 'katsura'?

    Sure looks like it to me. Here's a pic of my Katsura leaves growing in the's raining now.
  5. fredman

    Grewia progression

    Beautiful tree mate. You're doing very well by it. How do you know it's an acid loving plant...i've been wondering about that to... Some kanuma in the mix will be good for it then.
  6. fredman

    Post Snow

    I'm missing out on all the fun. In my 63 yrs i've only experienced two light dustings of snow...😎
  7. fredman

    @Rockm Custom Title Countdown!

    Took me a while to realise Sorce isn't a spammer 🤪
  8. fredman

    @Rockm Custom Title Countdown!

    To me he's aways been the knowledgeable and no nonsense guy....i've always enjoyed his takes and learning from him.
  9. fredman

    Japanese maple winter in a fridge

    How about building a box with a mini heater and a thermostat for winter....?
  10. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    Man i'm in love here...don't dare me 😍
  11. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    Nah I didn't notice any smell at any stage. When it was wet it smelt of cake batter though :D
  12. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    Here it can hardly even see the fertilizer
  13. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    Ah mate, i've been thinking of doing that for many years. I'm soooo glad I finally did. Its so easy and the trees seems to love far at least. I work it in late winter/early spring and forget about fertilizer for the season....other than the fish/humate. Come to think about it, I don't...
  14. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    Yeah the mold died as it dried. I made it at the end of winter when we still get rain all the time, so the humidity basically stays high. It never really bothered me...just not a good look. I'll make another batch in mid summer. I'm going to make that much thinner as it crusher easier. I'll be...
  15. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    Hey mate. All worked as planned. The cakes turned out beautiful...but the rodents love them. I found a way around that though. I don't place it on top anymore. I bought a bag of organic neem pallets. I then crush the cakes and mix about 20% neem with the crushed cakes. I then work that mixture...
  16. fredman

    Cotton Seed Meal

    With my research I discovered the same thing BUT, I'm still trying to source some cotton seed meal here in NZ. I settled on rape seed meal for my cakes...that's what is used in Japan for azalea and other acid loving plants. The trees seem to like it so i'm happy.
  17. fredman

    Organic fertilizer cakes.

    Update... I've settled on mixing the neem with crushed cakes and working that into the top layer. Works very well and no sign of rodent activity. It's been more than a month now and the fertilizer is doing it's work.The trees are looking the best i've ever seen them...this time of year. I also...
  18. fredman

    JM brown/dry leaf tips.

    Ah thanks for mentioning that. Just remembered I had rainy weather for about ten days and I put it in the cold frame (plastic cover). When the sun appeared it spent two days in there and it must've over heated. The heat accumulates pretty quick in there. That must be it...🤷‍♂️
  19. fredman

    JM brown/dry leaf tips.

    I'm keeping them in dappled shade. I'm in NZ... only cool spring weather so far.
  20. fredman

    JM brown/dry leaf tips.

    My Osakazuki (grafted) has dried out tips on it's leaves and i'm trying to find the cause. The most common cause from what I know, is over watering...but it's the only one that shows this, and I water all the maples the same. Fertilizer is organic fertilizer cakes and fish emulsion. Any ideas plz?
  21. fredman

    Satsuki Azalea Rukizon? (anybody have info on this variety?)

    What a wonderful man he is. Would love to go visit him and his nursery.
  22. fredman

    Best rodent repellent?

    I have been plagued by rodents all winter. When spring started a discovered neem pellets. Sprinkled some on the soil and around the cold frame. It's working wonders so far. When I open the door in the morning i'm hit with the smell that keeps them away.
  23. fredman

    Global warming latest news Interesting. They dissapeared over thousands of years, but we're educated, and way more advanced...we can do it in a few hundred ;) The cold got to them, now it seems the heat will be our demise. Can't recall where, but I...
  24. fredman

    Global warming latest news

    Yep socialism works great for dictators. It's actually sad it (socialism) never really got a fair go. With the right people and system driving it, it has the potential to be Etopian...IMHO
  25. fredman

    Change is bad. We fear change. :)

    Don't know if it's because of the update but I have no option to apply smileys. In fact I have less of everything now. This is what it looks like now..
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