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  1. Mr Fever Tree

    Acacia Galpinii "Monkey Thorn" progress

    Hi more for the book! pic 1> was taken on the day of ownership "stoked" what a wonderful South African indigenous tree the MONKEY THORN love its flaked bark, leaf structure and..and...and the list goes on. pic 2> week 2 small amount of wiring done..still deciding on a style so...
  2. Mr Fever Tree

    wild fig styling help

    Hi all..(new to bonsai's) Styling help needed with this one plz. its a Wild Fig "Ficus Bertt Daywnana" I'm trying here guys but.....but.. just cant get an idea as where to from here. Its been planted in a 5inc X 1inc nice little pot, attempted root over rock and shohin, very little.. actually...
  3. Mr Fever Tree

    nusery stock pomegranate new beginnings

    this pomegranate bought 3 months ago stood 4ft high. i removed its bag trimmed excess root growth, and when to town on the top growth bringing it down to less than a ft and placed it in a growing pot which is where she will reside for the next year or two. this pic was taken about 2 months...
  4. Mr Fever Tree

    maple from seed

    this is my first maple bonsai :cool: its around 2yrs old now, what do you think of it now? showing signs of potental... any advise as to where i should/could take it style wise! noting that im just as new to bonsai and my maple is to its
  5. Mr Fever Tree

    lime sulfur plz plz plz help

    g-day all.....this being my first thread>hehe i would almost beg someone to give me the chemical composition of lime sulfur used for jin's....for I'm walking from one wall smack bang into! for here in South Africa i cant seem to get answers from anyone............ nursery's to...
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