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  1. Dan_Davis

    How many of us R there?

    How many fleas does my dog have.........
  2. Dan_Davis


    Mas' good............ Happy New Year, Ma............
  3. Dan_Davis


    Hey David---What do you think about Bass Ale??????:D
  4. Dan_Davis

    Long lost Vance Wood article...?

    I'm coming up to Col's next any good bonsai nursery's there???
  5. Dan_Davis

    Long lost Vance Wood article...?

    Whats with the Gun???????
  6. Dan_Davis

    The Story Of Jason's “tin Foil” Tree.

    Good open mind, Hans..... You like Floyd?????? Pink?????
  7. Dan_Davis


    My dad started it from a cutting 7-8 years ago in Ohio, gave it to me then and I planted it here in Clearwater Fla. Its grown great 6-7 branches 8 ft. long. it gets so hot here that the length they get before gettin burnt due to being tender on the ends.
  8. Dan_Davis


    I have a Wisteria that my Dad gave me years ago and is doing great....Is there any difference of my plant and the Japanese Wisteria????? I think I'm gonna chop it this winter and pot it, I'm just wondering if it will reduce well????
  9. Dan_Davis

    Air Layering

    Found out by mistake..... My neighbor threw out a Ficus tree because she wasn't taking care of it and it was attacked by insects.... I decided it get some starts off by air layering a few branches off.... I did 2... On one, I used just straight peat moss... On the other just for grins, I mixed...
  10. Dan_Davis

    Pond Basket???

    I guess yer just a bunch of non-producing tree huggers
  11. Dan_Davis

    Old Ugly Boxwood

    Janis Joplin Wasn't that good lookin either..........but
  12. Dan_Davis

    Pond Basket???

    Woa, Thanks alot folks... I've got some reading to do...... By the way, I'm really slow here at work, so the boss dosen't mind me goofin off while I wait for something to come in to work on.. How are the rest of you getting away with this??????? LOL
  13. Dan_Davis

    Pond Basket???

    I'm new to Bonsai and here as well. I tried some bonsai a few years ago but didn't do so well. Apparently I purchased plant that were probably dead already back then. So I'm gonna give it a try again. But My question is what is the benefit of the pond baskets???? Do you float/set the plant in a...
  14. Dan_Davis

    Bald Cypress grown from seed

    I have 9 trees that are 2.5 yrs old now planted in my yard. Several of them are showing buds for 2 weeks now and the others are just now showing. Like people, some are a little slower. By the way, I just got 10 more from the arbor day foundation, just for joining up for 10.00 bucks. I'm going...
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