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    The Tree Thread

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    The Tree Thread

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    The Tree Thread

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    The Tree Thread

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    5yr Native Tree & Pot Challenge - Leptospermum grandifolium (Mountain Tea-tree)

    This tree was dug sometime in November 2020 . It’s early spring here and it’s started to push some new growth so I confident that it has survived the experience .
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    The Tree Thread

    Enter the dragon . This is an airlayer taken from the top of a Juniperus chinesis I have been growing on .
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    The Shohin Tree Thread

    Cotoneaster from a cutting 3 years ago . It’s late winter here and spring is in the air . I pruned and potted this tree back into its summer pot today . I don’t have time in the winter months to look after my trees too much because I have a winter business , so in Autumn I pot up this tree...
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    A few Australian Natives...

    I love the ‘Prickly’ R3 , it’s interesting to see a cascade style . I wasn’t sure how this species would cope with growth under the horizontal ,it obviously has no issues .
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    Nigel saunders bonsai zone [unpopular opinion]

    36 dutch oven 1. (Australian slang) The act of having a whole group of friends (or fellow potheads) bundle up into a car (preferably a full passenger load) and all smoking marijuana, preferably with the windows wound up, as to have the car's interior thick with both a bong haze and steam from...
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    Spider mite freak out

    Looks like your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has been spinning some yarns while protecting your trees .
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    CJR rainbow eucalyptus

    Ouch ! I hope it makes it .
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    Ginkgo on glass

    The wise man knows how to relax when the the work is done .
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    The Shohin Tree Thread

    I just scored this cool little stand off ‘42 mice ‘ an Aussie potter . Here it is with a mame Melaleuca . Melaleuca.
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    Ginkgo on glass

    The wise man knows when to leave and turn his back on the jungle .
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    Your Hardest Kill

    This is sad news . I have admired this tree for a long time . I have trees that I have started just because of this tree . This tree when you saw it in real life captured an Aussie essence.
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    This is a little garden I made a few years ago . The garden rake Cloud over zen Sno on zen
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    Schefflera leavs wilting.

    Maybe thrips or something sapsucking similar .
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    The Shohin Tree Thread

    Seiju , showing the taper in the branches Enjoying summer down under .
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    Wabi sabi thread

    Maybe not Wabi Sabi but still a beautiful story . The bird has flown . The boy has grown .
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    The Tree Thread

    It’s mid summer here , this Tulip tree is about to be defoliated for this year and wired up . It’s leaves are getting a bit big .
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    The Tree Thread

    Eucalyptus rubida . Just starting it’s annual bark shed . It needs a haircut but it can wait till later .
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    The Shohin Tree Thread

    I took a batch of cuttings five or so years ago with the intention of starting a forest . This one would of been one the rejects ,it probably had bad inverse taper so it was chopped low . Elms have a habit of sending shoots out from around the cut point , most times If was going to grow it on...
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    Jupiter-Saturn Convergence

    From Oz not quite together .
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    This crazy unprecedented time we are living in...and appreciating just the simplicities of what I seen

    Darlene . My kindest regards in this toughest of times . My tears flowed reading this All the best Craig
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    Show off your Apple (not crabapple) bonsai

    This is an air layer that I took off a wild apple tree up the road from my place . It was a lower branch that had been nibbled on by deer so was stunted . Unfortunately being a wild apple tree ,although being a large tree 5 metres plus ( over 16 feet ) it was not producing much fruit . I have...
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