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  1. Jon Chown

    The Art of Bonsai Awards

    I am happy to see Lindsay Bebb included as a judge. Now that he has sold his business, I hope that he finds more time to be able to contribute to the world of Bonsai as I'm sure he has a lot to offer and perhaps he can encourage some Auzzie partisipation. I began my study of Bonsai with...
  2. Jon Chown


    Asus101 it would be great to see a Southern Hemisphere specific bonsai magazine or website and I wish you luck with the project although from my observations I feel that it is a rather small market and possabily will not get the traffic that it will require in order to make it work. Ledanta...
  3. Jon Chown

    Talent v. Technique

    Dorothy, I’m not sure that anyone is disagreeing with you on this point, in fact Chris mentions this factor with this statement;- The point is the question that was asked was To this end, I believe that the discussion has been worthwhile (at least to me). But there you go. On the...
  4. Jon Chown

    Another "Talk Group" bites the dust!!

    Wow!!! Dale, that is an excellent post and pretty well tells it like it is. I quit BT because of the unrelenting attacks on Will and came here hoping for a better environment, but alas what it deteriorated to, is more or less defined in your statement. While I am fully aware that it takes...
  5. Jon Chown

    Talent v. Technique

    For example, I have a friend who plays a mean guitar, his technique is copybook and yet he does not have the talent to crate his own music tunes. He has learnt to copy other peoples music only. So perhaps many of us have the technique under control and are able to copy other bonsai that we...
  6. Jon Chown


    Hello!!!....... Anyone there?..... Anyone there?...... Jon
  7. Jon Chown


    Several months ago when all of the ego's were being stroked, muscles flexed and we were drowning in BS, I put everyone on my Ignore list and now when I visit I find that there is no one to talk to and nothing to talk about. Jon
  8. Jon Chown

    Interesting ukibori example

    From around $1500 to $12,000
  9. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    Pictures, Dale, Pictures. Jon
  10. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    Thank you everyone for letting us into your world. Some great shots, lots of lovely bonsai but more importantly, some great ideas on how to display. I particularly like Als shohin pergoda. Jon
  11. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    Hey Vance, I can appreciate that you may well have trees all over the placeand in various stages of progress, untill recently, so did I. However even then I had my favourite trees in a special display area for my appreciation. Do you not have any trees that fit that description? As to...
  12. Jon Chown

    EBA convention Ostend (Belgium)

    Thanks for sharing this insight Hans. Some of those trees on the trade display would look good in my collection. Jon
  13. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    I agree Chris, it would be good to see some of the regular posters bonsai displays. I think it helps us understand a little about the person. John Hill has a very nice display that you can see here It shows the degree of passion that John has for the art. Dwight...
  14. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    Last ones hope you enjoy
  15. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    getting there
  16. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    And some more
  17. Jon Chown

    What does your backyard look like?

    Must be flavour of the month, I've been doing a garden make over for the past few months, seems to be taking for ever.
  18. Jon Chown

    Cheap Stands

    Hi Steve, I don't have the exact address, I just know how to get there if you know what I mean. Next time I'm driving by I will try to remember to get the postal address. It is in Stones Corner if you know where that is in Brisbane. Jon
  19. Jon Chown

    Wannabe seeking master pine

    Hmmm!!! Searched your Bolg just to see what you could do with a good piece of stock, but alas no Bonsai just a lot of garbage - Sorry couldn't trust you with a twig in a pot. Jon
  20. Jon Chown

    How many bonsai enthusiasts visit bonsai sites on the Internet?

    Well, I'm over the whole Bonsai Europe, Bonsai Today debate. I believe that there is room for both publications and those who don't want to miss out on any little bit of information and can afford it will buy both. On the issue of numbers of people visiting sites, I can see a direct...
  21. Jon Chown

    Think you can beat this tree?

    Excellent - When a good photo really makes the difference Jon
  22. Jon Chown

    Thanks to all the new members & visitors!

    I have noted! Jon
  23. Jon Chown

    Junior High Bonsai Seminar

    Great stuff Barry - It would be interesting to see just how many of them survive the year. Jon
  24. Jon Chown

    Variegated trident maple

    My gosh Bnut, you grow oxalis almost as good as me. Jon
  25. Jon Chown

    My Taxodium

    Looking good Hans, I will look forward to the progression and branch selection. I am guessing that the branches will have the drooping appearance. Jon
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