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  1. thomas22

    The Tree Thread

    This Bougainvillea in full bloom. My favorite summer bonsai
  2. thomas22

    Bougainvillea Progression

    Picture taken tonight. Flowers at about 90%. I am going to try to actually take a good pic this weekend and maybe shape it a bit more.
  3. thomas22

    Bonsai Before or after - All material is good material thread

    Lots of great work here. I appreciate the time it takes to dig up old pics and more recent ones. I feel like I have several decent transition but trying to find the time to post. Bobby Lane is on fire. Keep it up everyone.
  4. thomas22

    Bonsai is hard...

    I turned the corner around 3 years after starting bonsai. I was watching a lot of bad bonsai videos that steered me wrong. Keep with it and things will turn around. Stick with trees that do well in your area.
  5. thomas22

    Some of my Junipers waking up

    Nice lot of healthy juniper you got there. Yes wire. Most are ready for it.
  6. thomas22

    Thomas 22 JBP Entry Thread

    Most trees in akadama, lava, and pumice. I ran out of Akadama and just used lava and pumice for about 8 trees. They seem to be growing about the same.
  7. thomas22

    Thomas 22 JBP Entry Thread

    3/4" is about right for the biggest trunk. Most around 1/2.
  8. thomas22

    Thomas 22 JBP Entry Thread

    2021 update: Nothing real exciting going on. I repotted last year and didn't get a ton of growth. This year I am starting to get some good candle extension so maybe there is hope for a decent size trunk between the 30 pines I have left. They do seem relatively healthy so I am happy about...
  9. thomas22

    California Juniper Reinvented

    I would have been impressed if you came up with something similar to my idea in a few minutes. I'm sure there are many experienced bonsai guys that could have seen that instantly but it took me about 7 years. This is a California Juniper.
  10. thomas22

    California Juniper Reinvented

    No problem, you did not upset me.
  11. thomas22

    California Juniper Reinvented

    I've thought about the current back as a front and although I'm not leaning that direction right now it may end up being the best option. With the current front you will see the live vein on the lower right of the trunk. Thanks for the input.
  12. thomas22

    California Juniper Reinvented

    Unfortunately my dad passed 11 years ago. I didn't get into bonsai until I had to start taking care of his 20 or so trees after he passed. After two years of doing a bad job, I started really getting into it. Thanks for the compliment. If I'm being honest, it really wasn't that hard...
  13. thomas22

    California Juniper Reinvented

    Thanks. Here is the back view.
  14. thomas22

    California Juniper Reinvented

    My dad had this tree for 25 years and never did anything with it. I had it for 9 years and never did anything with it. It was probably because the tree was just bad and no obvious direction to take the tree. It did have nice dead wood but all the foliage was to the side and way above the...
  15. thomas22

    Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Really nice tree. Its not the branch that bothers me but the dead wood near the branch. Thats what creates the straight line with the upper jin. It may look different in person based on the pic i would probably lose that jin.
  16. thomas22

    Black Pine Seedling Cuttings

    I'm pretty new to pines. I thought you only get back budding where you have needles. Are you getting them on the trunk with no needles. If so, then is it just less likely to get budding where you have no needles? Please explain your experience. Thanks
  17. thomas22

    Bougainvillea Bonsai: Help Needed

    My guess is the chewed leaves are from Bougainvillea looper worms. The black dots are eggs or poop from the loopers. I get this every year with mine. Look very closely under all the leaves and you should be able to find them.
  18. thomas22

    Anyone successfully growing or have healthy Japanese Maples & Chaenomeles in SoCal, 10b?

    Blood Good red maple I've had for 10 years and it was was about 4' tall when I got it. That's the first pic. The Deshojo is about 3 years old. I have chicken wire around it because my new puppy was chewing on it. I'm going to air layer off the lowest right branch. Both are east facing which...
  19. thomas22

    Anyone successfully growing or have healthy Japanese Maples & Chaenomeles in SoCal, 10b?

    I'm in Orange County also. I have two JM in the yard, one Red Leaf and one Deshojo, that I have had for a while now. I live only a few miles from the ocean so temps stay pretty low and I don't get much leaf burn. I'm going to air layer a branch off the Deshojo in about a month. The problems I...
  20. thomas22

    Red Tail Pottery's website launch, pots for sale.

    I love the unglazed ovals but they all are a little small. How about some up to 12'' and about 3 1/2'' deep. I know you just started but wanted to give you some feed back.
  21. thomas22

    Pre Bonsai Shimpakus for Sale

    I got #6. Looking forward to developing it. It was nice meeting Housguy as well.
  22. thomas22

    HELP: Pruning/Shaping

    You need to let it grow a little more before trimming and shaping. I usually start with the developing the trunk and a first branch then the rest of the branches. Check out this thread of one of my trees which started out similar to yours. I've been working on this tree for 9 years so keep in...
  23. thomas22

    HELP!! Duranta defoliation in FL winter during whitefly infestation

    I have a few Duranta I keep outside here In California. Mine lose their leaves in the winter but bounce back nicely in spring. They are a pretty durable species so you may be alright. I would try to get thing outside when it warms up so it can bounce back.
  24. thomas22

    California Juniper First Styling

    I saved this image of the pot because I liked it for this tree but I don't know who makes this actual pot. This pot is my target when searching for pots in the next 2 months.
  25. thomas22

    California Juniper First Styling

    You can see in an older photo below how wide the live vein was wider. As it turned out it wasn't actually alive. The raised portion on the left in the current pic is alive. I know some see it as a fault if you don't see the live vein hit the soil but it is what it is. The current live vein...
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