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  1. DirkvanDreven

    Ryceman3's 6yr JBP Contest Entry

    I'll post mine. To make you feel better!
  2. DirkvanDreven

    PUrban Yamadori Yew

    Coming along nicely, looks like it's about time to look for a bonsaipot!
  3. DirkvanDreven

    Zelcova forest from seed

    Zelkova are fun! I started a group about ten years ago, planted in my garden on a tile. Trucks/roots are fused by now. Takes time! In your rock your trees will probably not grow fast and big enough to fuse! Have fun with your project!
  4. DirkvanDreven

    European Spruce #4

    Great tree!
  5. DirkvanDreven

    Little Mugo

  6. DirkvanDreven

    The Tree Thread

    Mame Japanese maple. About 10 years old from seed. About 9,5 cm above the pot. Got a super handmade pot for it for next year.
  7. DirkvanDreven

    Can you graft JWP on mugo

    Uncinata is even better!
  8. DirkvanDreven

    Glimpses of my garden

    Thanks very much for sharing all this.
  9. DirkvanDreven

    DirkvanDreven 6 year JBP from seed contest

    Quick update. Pines aren't doiing well. I repotted two in a small bonsai pot. The buds were about 4 cm long, little under two inches. Then we had -15 degrees (celsius). Buds didn't grow anymore. Late June I pruned th buds as if I was candle cutting. On one of these two there are new buds...
  10. DirkvanDreven

    New bonsai garden, including koi pond!

    Very nice place you created!
  11. DirkvanDreven

    The Tree Thread

    My taxus baccata pre-bonsai is doing fine. Soon it will be ready for a bonsaipot
  12. DirkvanDreven

    Show your birch / betula

    Here is one of my birches. First picture may 2019, secondtwo months later. This spring it was repotted in another pot, green glazed oval.
  13. DirkvanDreven

    Itoigawa on rock

    Mooi man!
  14. DirkvanDreven

    The Tree Thread

    This is a small larch. After three years in a small showpot and presented in our club show, I potted this tree in a somewhat bigger pot to regain strength, spring 2020. It hardly grew last year. Now it seems to be really taking off!
  15. DirkvanDreven

    Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca nana' project

    Nice progress. Good tree. Hope to follow it's further development!
  16. DirkvanDreven

    Big Mugo pine, 'garden-dori'

    Yes, I think so also! But the left side should be a little higher then it is right now. But for now I just want to enjoy this!
  17. DirkvanDreven

    Black leaves on Hawthorn

    The new leaves of this young Hawthorn are suddenly turning black. Can this be because of a couple of frosts in the night or is it something else. It's just this one. Don't see this on my other Hawthorns.
  18. DirkvanDreven

    Big Mugo pine, 'garden-dori'

    Repotted into a nice Chinese Mokko. Picture is not the best quality, wil take better pics later. Happy with the result for now.
  19. DirkvanDreven

    Yamadori Scots pine

  20. DirkvanDreven

    DirkvanDreven 6 year JBP from seed contest

    Others are doing better. Although growthrate is so low that I will definitely go for mame size trees. I'll be repotting them in small bonsaipots soon, and let them grow for 3 years, the remainder of our competition.
  21. DirkvanDreven

    DirkvanDreven 6 year JBP from seed contest

    Not all seedlings are doing fine. Had high hopes for the cascading seedling. It had a boring straight stem and I was happy with the bends I gave it. Don't know why it gave up.
  22. DirkvanDreven


    Great tree Sergio! Would love to see it in person. Must be so impressive!
  23. DirkvanDreven

    My Shohin Collection ....

    Just today I found this incredible thread. Great work and great trees! Thanks for sharing and please keep posting.
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