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  1. chappy56

    Are These Really Considered The Top 20?

    As long as Goshin is in it I'm happy.
  2. chappy56


    Anybody moving trees in tonight?
  3. chappy56

    Confused tree

    I know it's a little unconventional for bonsai, but my Henry Lauder's walking stick is a little confused about the time of year. It's budding out.
  4. chappy56

    Larch color

    Hey all. I have a question about larch color. Attached are a couple that I got last year. I have no experience with this variety. The bigger one pictured is Japanese larch and the smaller, fuller one is American larch. The Japanese one is much lighter and not as developed. Is that common?
  5. chappy56

    The Tree Thread

    Just potted. A little moss on the top for awhile to retain some moisture. My first real Larch.
  6. chappy56

    First re-pots of the season

    First re-pots of the season. The first one is a Dwarf Ginko in an "Iker" pot, and the other one, although unconventional for bonsai, is a Harry Lauder "Walking Stick". Leaves are too big But I thought I'd try it in a bonsai pot just for fun.
  7. chappy56

    Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii)

    I picked one of these up late last fall at a garden center that had an unusual fat, tapering trunk. Having never had one before I'm curious about it waking up and beginning to bud. With a lot of the leaves left on it from last year, it's hard to identify the buds swelling. In addition, should...
  8. chappy56

    European Larch #14

    Probably the best advise I've heard from Mr. Pall................."I would not do this. i would only wire a larch in April/march before the green is out. Otherwise you commit two insults at once. The rule is - only one insult at a time".
  9. chappy56

    design advice

    Thanks much. That sounds like a goods plan...
  10. chappy56

    Chicago Bonsai

    Forgive me.
  11. chappy56

    design advice

    Any ideas? I collected this Scotch Pine and put it in this pot at least 8 years ago. I'm ready to style and pot it but I'd appreciate any ideas from you the experts. Thanks in advance for your input.
  12. chappy56

    Chicago Bonsai

    I have not posted on here for more than ten years, but today I have a question. Do any of you Nuts know anything about Hidden Gardens Bonsai in Willowbrook Illinois near Chicago?
  13. chappy56

    K9 pests

    Here's another picture of them just for fun with my son.
  14. chappy56

    K9 pests

    They are borzois....good catch.
  15. chappy56

    K9 pests

    These two monsters nearly destroyed one of my trees this morning. I'd be interested to hear how you all prevent your dogs from getting to your trees. These guys, when standing on their hind legs, can look me in the eye so getting them up on a bench is not the answer. Thanks in advance for your...
  16. chappy56

    scotch pine advise

    Should have been one and three. My mistake...
  17. chappy56

    scotch pine advise

    Here are a few ideas of the pines that I'd like to emulate. Pictures #1 and #4 in particular. I really like the idea of jinning the top of the tree...
  18. chappy56

    scotch pine advise

    You? Scold someone Mr. Wood?....perish the thought. Here are a few more pictures. I don't have any solid plans yet, but have a few ideas. I was really just interested in hearing everyone else's comments.
  19. chappy56

    scotch pine advise

    Yep. That's the one Neil. Soil should be fine. It's in Hadite (expanded shale). Literati seems to be the natural choice. Good to hear from you Neil.
  20. chappy56

    scotch pine advise

    Greetings. I haven't been on here for sometime but I thought I'd throw this out there for some advice from the experts. I collected this two years ago and am looking for some advise on how to proceed. I think I'm ready to start refining this tree but would appreciate some of your collective...
  21. chappy56

    Over watering or under watering - Portulacaria Afra

    In my experience with these they aren't crazy about being moved around much either. Find a good place and leave them there for awhile. Till healthy anyway.
  22. chappy56

    My little boxwood

    I love the white pots with these, but I do like the one you chose too Judy. I repotted mine last spring and am hoping to work it into a smaller pot too.
  23. chappy56

    Bonsai similar to an oak.

    As if you haven't heard boxwood works, here's another.
  24. chappy56


    Well not as pretty as last years but still kinda pretty...
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