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  1. Lost2301

    Eastern Leaf 40 Stolen Trees

    Jason Chan owner of Eastern Leaf Bonsai had 40 Bonsai trees stolen during the night before he opened. If you live California please be on the watch for these trees. Apparently they were thrown over the gate and many damaged. They may be seeking advice from Bonsai crowd on how to save them...
  2. Lost2301

    Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society 2021 Show - Stolen Item

    The following bronze Snail was stolen some time during the day on Sunday 09-05-2021 during the 52nd Annual Rocky Mountain Society Bonsai show held in Denver, Co. at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Please contact me if you if you have any information on this stolen item or if someone is trying to...
  3. Lost2301

    Hydrangea petiolaris -Climbing Hydrangea Bonsai

    Hydrangea petiolaris -Climbing Hydrangea Bonsai can make really great Bonsai if you find a nice trunked one. I have seen a small in a Bonsai nursery that was really great. I found a large one at another nursery. I have had this one for years. It is now just starting to look like a tree. The tree...
  4. Lost2301

    Telperion Farms fire Azalea

    Good job!!
  5. Lost2301


    Nice tree and I like it a lot. I just love Barberries and find it hard to pass up a nice one. I am trying to collect different Barberries just to see how many ones I can find with a nice trunk on them. I just potted up 6 Barberries in the last week or so. Now is the time to go Barberry hunting...
  6. Lost2301

    Forestiera neomexicana – New Mexico Privet Flowers

    I thought I would show some of you flowers on a Forestiera neomexicana - New Mexico Privet Bonsai in case you have never seem them. They tend to bloom real early in the season and are really small and you might not see them.
  7. Lost2301

    Hydrangea petiolaris cordifolia

    'petiolaris cordifolia' seems to be a dwarf? I think? Mine appears to be a standard vine and the leaves can be pretty good size for a Bonsai. Yes my tree does bloom. It was potted last year in the Bonsai pot and sulked for a while. This year it only has 1 flower bud on it, I expect it to have...
  8. Lost2301

    Hydrangea petiolaris cordifolia

    I have a Climbing Hydrangea to. I have had it a number of years, I like the bark on it and the little finger projections it uses to cling to things if it was allowed to. You can read about it here: Climbing Hydrangea
  9. Lost2301

    I really really want a redbud!

    Try cutting the tap root on any nursery stock tree and put it back in its nursery pot for a couple more years. Let it develop more lateral roots before trying to get it into a Bonsai pot. I wonder if you could do that on a volunteer tree, might not hurt to try just cutting the tap root only if...
  10. Lost2301

    I really really want a redbud!

    I added some more photos of this tree on my website. It is much larger and way more filled out. Here are couple of photos, I just took them looking down on the tree. Ace Of Hearts I have another Redbud on my site in more of an artistic style, it has huge leaves which I think look really great...
  11. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    I had a squirrel come in the 2nd floor window just as I got there! I don't know who was more surprised. The squirrel ran across the window sill knocking stuff off and climbed up the curtain, then across the curtain but not before going number two and then down the other side of the curtain and...
  12. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    Squirrels did heavy damage to my trees/plants in 2019, 2020 was very different most of them moved out of the neighborhood and left my stuff alone. I had one tree attacked by a Robin, not to bad, much better then the squirrels. Me neighbor feeds the squirrels. I have a new problem now. Pigeons...
  13. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    I know you did not mean any disrespect. How do you keep the creatures off you trees in Kansas City? My mother lived in St. Joe and she had nightly visitors all the time. She had a possum living on the side of her house and eating the dogs food. Smart possum and those two dogs did not even know...
  14. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    That pot is really a high quality pots with multiple discrete color changes in it. Your opinion on the pot is really what Bonsai is all about, some like a tree/pot the way it is and others not so much. I suspect you would change your mind if you saw the tree/person in person. Good luck!
  15. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    I posted the wrong photo on tree #4, here is the front of tree.
  16. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    In my opinion there is no need for leaf reduction on your "grow low" they are already small, or should be. My trees are Rhus trilobata‘Autumn Amber’ Three Leaf Sumac which is very similar to yours. My second tree was an attempt to recreate my first tree which died. It is much a better tree then...
  17. Lost2301

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Dingus's rhus aromatica (Fragrant Sumac)

    I see you found my sumac on my website and it inspires you. I think if I were you I would feed it a lot of plant tone right in its nursery pot and let it grow any where it wants for several years to thicken up the trunk and branches. They grow pretty fast in nursery pots by the way. I would look...
  18. Lost2301

    Bud Break 2021

    Supposed to be anywhere from 5 to -8 the next few nights. I defoliated my large buttonwood in the plant room and it is now sending out new leaves and buds all over. Should look nice before spring arrives. Does not go outside until overnight temps reach 50 here which could be a while.
  19. Lost2301

    Cercocarpus breviflorus Gray var. breviflorus BonsaiTree #4

    Here is a video clip of the tree courtesy of Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society here: Mountain Mahogany Video
  20. Lost2301

    Viburnum Stumps In Pots

    Nice finds. Here is a link to my Viburnum leaf and internode reduction technique article which should help you going forward. I am currently using it on three different types of Viburnum all with success: HERE
  21. Lost2301

    Stolen Limber Pine Bonsai – Todd Schlafer

    Denver Colorado, but the tree could be just about anywhere now, maybe even for sale.
  22. Lost2301

    Stolen Limber Pine Bonsai – Todd Schlafer

    Master Todd Schlafer has had a Limber Pine Bonsai stolen from his collection of trees. Please be on the look out for this tree and either contact Todd Schlafer directly or you may contact me at the bottom of my Stolen Tree page if you have any information about the tree. Please help find this...
  23. Lost2301

    Grape Vine #1

    I wanted to mention that my grapevine leaves are substantially smaller then when I got it. Right now I have a lot of leaves on the tree and the leaves are about 1/3 the size of the leaves when I got it. I have a Quercus ilex that did the same thing, leaves about the size of your thumbnail now.
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