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  1. jason biggs

    Cannabis Bonsai

    hey dad can i borrow 1 of your pots?????
  2. jason biggs

    strangler figs

    spring is here so hopefully they will take off...
  3. jason biggs

    strangler figs

    I had 3 x trees die this year - instead of binning them, there may be a future?? I used some toxic looking wood preserver lying around so lets see...
  4. jason biggs


    Your setup looks really neat and professional... those little containers look cool
  5. jason biggs

    Tips of willow leaf ficus yellowish

    you got a PROPER starter tree there - well done. :cool:
  6. jason biggs

    Ficus struggling after repotting

    i repotted some ficus over a month ago and they haven't budged... even my acacias are only starting to show now... something is wrong with the weather ... defoliate completely and wait for the rebound :)
  7. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    the roots will always be ugly here so amputation is necessary - the tree will look much better in a few years :)
  8. jason biggs

    Can I graft onto a calloused wound (or is that area effectively 'dead')?

    2 x ficus microcarpa with large deadwood sections... in the first picture i thread grafted a rooted cutting a year ago and now 2 small rooted cuttings that are starting to take... i don't think the ugly deadwood ever goes away but lets see.... (think i am going to keep on cleaning areas of the...
  9. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    didn't repot too many this year - letting them stretch their legs and arms...
  10. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    here's one i am trying to grow out like a normal tree - easily 30 years old - the base has stayed thin...
  11. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    check out this legend base o_O
  12. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    @Stella just to show you how much root you can comfortably remove
  13. jason biggs

    Can I graft onto a calloused wound (or is that area effectively 'dead')?

    i think a lot depends on the species and ones climate... ficus for example are much easier than most, they also throw aerial roots to cover dead areas...
  14. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    check post 21 (september 2019) i cut 90% of the roots off and that tree is booming... you can do all the work right now -cut the tree above the 1st 4 small branches and cut the whole rootbase off (around the purple line) baobabs need very little root tissue to grow strong... my potting mix is...
  15. jason biggs

    check my baobabs

    Hi Stella I am in Nelspruit, so my growing conditions are near perfect for them... no signs of life yet - they only really get going middle October... I wouldn't waste my time with root cuttings, or any cuttings really... There are some very nice baobabs (bit expensive) at the nursery in Midrand...
  16. jason biggs

    Trunk Fusion in 2 months. Tiger Bark Ficus

    2 months - almost unbelievable 😲
  17. jason biggs

    Angel Oak tree (mame) in 2 ft pot. Just over a year plus tree progress

    the dude with the best growing conditions on the planet. do you think the branches (where they touch the soil) can root?? We have a tree in Pretoria called the wonderboom (ficus) that has done that...
  18. jason biggs

    What’s going on in amcoffeegirl’s backyard

    your collection is getting really nice :D
  19. jason biggs

    Progression thread - Ulmus Parvifolia & Trident

    I think both those trees have potential - well done.
  20. jason biggs

    Had my trees stolen last weekend.

    the fat one smoking looks gangster :mad:... monkeys like that should be publically humiliated, if caught...
  21. jason biggs

    BRT 1

    i think the second trunk is coming along nicely... amazing how this tree has bulked up in such a short space of time...
  22. jason biggs

    Progress on a Rabbit’s Foot Acacia

    this one looks cool ... I think this is what we call sicklebush (dichrostachys cinerea) looks exactly like an african acacia without thorns. the bark is awesome.
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