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  1. leatherback

    Cool gift idea

    Unfortunately, I did. Hence my exasperation. Imagine.. Also in all facebook groups this has been posted at least twice and I am in some 15 groups.. It is in the same category as the marihuana bonsai.
  2. leatherback

    Sapling division: Leatherback Maple Forest

    A little bit of work was done here.. Post season: Speeding up fall! All wired up for spring
  3. leatherback

    Cool gift idea

    Not a sore spot. But hardly an original post. It is not like this has not been brought up before..
  4. leatherback

    Need help! Moss growing on branches and trunk.

    This tree bark cleaning product do me sounds VERY much like normal anti-algea products which you use on pathways. It is what I use to clean the bark. Twice a year I paint trunks of rough barked species and it does wonders in keeping the trunk clean. Ready the package. If it is safe to use on...
  5. leatherback

    Acer Palmatum

    You see how the three on the right have the same structure in the canopy? A Marco signature?
  6. leatherback


    You have to up your game and develop some skills! I found a picture of the tree when he got it 3 years ago:
  7. leatherback

    Beech repotting in Autumn

    I repotted one 2 weeks ago
  8. leatherback

    Stratifying & Germinating Maple Seeds indoors.

    I have no clue. I avoid old seeds. I do not need to water the substrate, as my place is sucky wet.
  9. leatherback

    What's this?

    If I have seen further it is by standing on the sholders of Giants comes to mind!
  10. leatherback

    Show off your autumn colors:

    Autum is a bit behind us now, but these are from this years colorseason.
  11. leatherback

    Would nurseries or clubs pay for professional photos of their trees?

    I think the fact that most pictures are not great reflect a desinterest. On my side, I have everything needed to take great pictures. I just do not spend the time putting things up, especially when I just take pictures for my archive.
  12. leatherback

    Acer Palmatum

    Very Nice Tree. Shows what consistent work can do! Do you have a side-by-side of your.. elm? Very similar canopy in my minds eye!?
  13. leatherback

    Don't you hate strays?

    As for the bottom part.. I would say, happy enough!
  14. leatherback

    Don't you hate strays?

    In the end someone dropping by at my place was in need of plants, and this one jumped in his car. In spring I was told it did indeed sprout. Never did get updated pictures.
  15. leatherback

    How far to reduce - road side collection

    Been a while since I was in this thread.. spring 2020 saw a few basic wires: Full on wiring later in 2020 And this summer it was telling me: You gotta do something. I am just not sure this is going somewhere. Guess it will move on if someone makes me an offer.
  16. leatherback

    2022 from seeds !

    Yup. Just make sure they do not drown if you have a particularly wet winter and you should be set for spring.
  17. leatherback

    Deck ‘Em.. C’mon... DO IT!

    Like, right after? When you had to get all the glitter from out of everywhere!?
  18. leatherback

    Share your weather!

    Do you have plants that are not frost resistent?
  19. leatherback

    Yamadoori and nursery pines

    Agreed that it is not needed. I also do not add them. But scientific studies on transplants & especially, transfer into pots, indicate a better recovery of roots when inoculated explicitly.
  20. leatherback

    Leatherbacks Pseudocydonia sinensis - 2

    This week I got 2 pseudocydonia's. Full story here. Side by side. This thread is about the left one. Like the one on the right, I repotted it in better substrate ready for winter and a healthy (!?) start in 2022. Burried below the muck was a nice swelling, invisible by all the liverworth...
  21. leatherback

    Leatherbacks Pseudocydonia sinensis - 1

    The one on the right was treated as the one on the left. As it looked pretty healthy (WAY less dead branches, and lots of white roots in the moss) I decdided to look at the rootball. This plant was potted in soaking wet substrate, which for me is an indication of the real problems these plants...
  22. leatherback

    Leatherbacks Pseudocydonia sinensis - 1

    A few weeks ago I was at a befriended bonsai growers' field. I saw 2 pseudocydonia's in a corner that suffered lots of dead branches. So even though I have wanted one for a bit, I was not willing to get these at full price. However, as I was leaving, he told me those 2 were probably no good...
  23. leatherback

    Pseudocydonia Quince progressions thread - thread

    @clem is growing one, starting in 2019 The last update shows
  24. leatherback

    Pseudocydonia Quince progressions thread - thread

    @Johnnyd started a project in 2020:
  25. leatherback

    Pseudocydonia Quince progressions thread - thread

    @luvinthemountains started one in 2021 Image from the last update:
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