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    Newbies only

    These are not sticks in pots, but looks good anyways :)
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    Inside Trees - japanese red maple? trident maple?

    Dont forget plenty of fresh air or you will have a moldy maple on your hands. Give it dormancy every year, then keep it by a window with indirect light (blinds, curtain, ect) and dont overwater. I keep my JM indoors all summer after dormancy requirements are met. It does better indoors by an...
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    New species!!!!!!!

    Thats really too bad. I don't see too many boxwoods that catch my eye like this one. Oh well, not much you can do, sometimes they just up and die for no apparent reason. Weve had about the same winter temperatures for the last 3 years but for some reason my wisteria just died on me this year...
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    New species!!!!!!!

    Thats a shame, this was a nice boxwood! I would also like to know; what in the world?
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    Collected amur maple

    Ok here is one of my amurs in early development. Last season was spent growing out the small branches and the top trunkline. The problem in my experience with amur has been too much budding at the expense of rapid branch thickening. The 3rd photo shows buds on lower trunk and all around existing...
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    Collected amur maple

    I've had no trouble at all getting buds esp lower on the trunk. When it is happy and established, it will give you more buds than you know what to do with!
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    Japanese Beech

    Dano thats good to hear, now all you need is just a little bit of time. Definately a nice beech. I've wanted one for a few years but it seems kinda rare to find one; let alone one with good features. Someday..
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    Shortage of pre-bonsai stock?

    It seems like when you get it online it is way too expensive for what you get. Only in rare cases have I seen decent stock priced at a reasonable rate. Much better at a show or visiting a bonsai nursery.
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    Japanese Beech

    Nice beech! Sorry to hear you lost the lower left branch; it does look to be an important part of the design. Are you going to graft another one? Maybe you will get a bud pop around there this summer. I hate when trees do this, I have a hawthorn that did the same thing this year; it shedded a...
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    Another great find at New England Bonsai

    Definately a steal and a beautiful tree, congrats!
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    Collected amur maple

    There are many different styling directions you could take for this tree depending on personal preference and style. Whatever you decide, you should chop off where indicated by the red lines in pic 1 because of the swellings above these areas. If it was mine I would probably choose a single...
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    Has an anyone ever successfully layered an Oak?

    Wow, congrats on layering your valley oak, I really didn't think it was possible, and in only six months-now you gave me hope! I have read so much about the spaghnum moss not working that I was thinking of putting a pot around the cut and burying it in some turface fines, I don't know if this...
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    Collected amur maple

    Dav, Nice start on this amur! This is a really good species to work with; it is definately one of my favorites. I have a thick trunked amur I am working on branching at the moment. If you can you want to wire bends in the branches right as soon as they harden off. Then let the lower branches...
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    Has an anyone ever successfully layered an Oak?

    I was searching the web and could not find one single successful air layer of an oak anywhere. Not one picture of a layer so I am thinking it cannot be done. Even the forest service said on their web page that they are very difficult to layer. So I was attempting to repot my gambel oak last...
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    When is a bonsai "junk"?

    Ha, I just read this today from that dude from Italy. I think it was on his website? How weird! Ya the quote is pretty lame but he's good, so I guess he can say cheesy crap.
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    Design needed for this California juniper

    It has potential for sure and you actually have enough foliage to do something decent with the top. I would take it slow if you can. I once had a collected juniper sorta of like this one. It had one live vein as well but it completely busted off the trunk when wiring. I still think the tree was...
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    When is a bonsai "junk"?

    I bet Joan Rivers has a wonderful anus. I would be much obliged :D
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    Old needles drying out

    It could have to do with messing with roots or it just may be that the tree is replacing some of the old needles. It really depends on how many are browning, if its just a few here and there not much to worry about. Also, if its pushing new candles and they are opening as usual I really wouldn't...
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    When is a bonsai "junk"?

    I agree, if your going to post you had better be prepared for either 1. No responses 2. Put it back in the ground or 3. I would do A, B, and C, in other words, everything opposite of what you've done. Sometimes however I see people posting good trees that are well on their way and the people...
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    turface only?

    Frank thanks I do need to try the chopstick with the turface as probing down in the soil with a finger is useless since the dry turface above slips into the holes too fast for me to tell. The Steve, I thought the same thing- that you can't overwater inorganics. However, I am not too...
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    turface only?

    I use 100% turface for my ponderosa. I don't really like how it dries out so fast on the top layer but deep below, it stays moist for quite sometime, especially in this spring weather. This makes it really hard for me to know when my pine needs water. I may switch to a pumice mix in the future...
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    My first Corky elms.

    I have one that was about 1/2" when I got it, 2 years later and its about 3/4". However, I am in zone 5 and it seems to hate my climate. It even went dormant last year at the height of the summer heat. It is probably about 4-5 years old and no cork bark, just a slim whitish trunk. This is in a...
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    Styling idea for an unknown species (sorry)

    If you get rid of that straight branch you could have a nice shohin in time.
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    air-layering possible with Calif. oaks?

    Heres a really good article at Harry's site on collecting/repotting oak. I have a scrub oak that I want to air layer but it sounds like they are stubborn so may have to pursue other options. I am going to try the repotting this year like this article points out to do...
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