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  1. pauldogx

    chemical fertilizer

    Just passing on some info I thought relevant. Several other Bonsai nurseries around me wont use Osmocote either. Use the info as you will. Personally I use Dynagrow for chemical fert in the spring and as soon as its warm I use organics only(rapeseed cakes and Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed...
  2. pauldogx

    chemical fertilizer

    Most people I know have had bad experience with Osmocote type ferts. Peter Adams absolutely warned against them. He says they have a tendency to dump too much fert at once and none at others as they are temp related release. I have no personal experience--but at one of Peter"s workshops he was...
  3. pauldogx

    Yamadori Glory!

    Looks like a great time. Unfortunately the collecting season is over already here in Eastern PA. Everything has budded out due to the warm spring. Also a second on holding your breath on the larches--collecting or repotting after bud break is a crap shoot at best.
  4. pauldogx

    Backbud on Burning Bush?

    They do back thing to remember--you only get one flush of growth per year with euonymous.
  5. pauldogx

    2010 MABS Spring Festival

    I'll be there all weekend. Several others from my home clubs Bonsai Society of the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania Bonsai Society will be there as well. Lookin forward to it!!
  6. pauldogx

    American's bonsai display at kokufu bonsai ten exhibition

    As has been explained many many times before Kokufu is not judged on who the artist is. Most if not all the trees at Kokufu are not owned by the artists. The tree it self is the only consideration at Kokufu. Who owns it , styled it or who is the richest has absolutely no bearing whatsoever...
  7. pauldogx

    Shohin Jbp

    Sweet tree!! I am envious as well--such a great impression of age from that trunk!!
  8. pauldogx

    Shohin Chinese Elm

    A really great tree!! I like it just the way it is.
  9. pauldogx

    mugo pine only gave one bud per terminal

    The size of my control group is not very large--but last year I did an experiment after reading Vance's many posts about summer repotting. I repotted 2 similar sized mugos from the same nursery stock.. One I did in spring--it slowly died in about 1 month. The other I did in early July and it...
  10. pauldogx

    Cal juniper repot

    Really great tree. Love it!!
  11. pauldogx

    Bonsai Focus "Reminder"

    Really??? You obviously have never spent time with people who are the best in the world at what they do. I have and most of the time supreme confidence and expertise is percieved as "haughtiness" or "arrogance". Your loss if you can't tell the difference. BTW--Miss Vic explicitly stated...
  12. pauldogx

    Wiring a Juniper

    Thanks for this info Chris. I am far from an experienced wirer--but the more I do it the easier it becomes. I do love seeing how others approach the wiring conundrums we all come up against. What blows me away about the masters is how they can see wiring moves 5 or 6 steps ahead like great...
  13. pauldogx

    Wiring a Juniper

    I have done fine wiring down to 22 gauge wire. The finer the branch(or branchlet) the finer the wire. I recently helped wire an older San Jose juniper where we only wired the secondary and smaller branches. The main branches were set years ago and this was strictly "refinement" wiring. It took 2...
  14. pauldogx

    Bonsai Focus "Reminder"

    I received an Invoice the 1st week of November to renew my subscription. It also included a nice(and polite) cover letter explaining it was time to renew and that if you renewed on line you could win a Best of Europe 3 being raffled each week. I renewed online. The invoice clearly stated if you...
  15. pauldogx

    Common Myrtle

    Love the new pot. Its perfect. Really a great tree!!
  16. pauldogx

    A day to remember...

    No problem Vance!!!
  17. pauldogx

    A day to remember...

    Ummm---Vance--you may want to reread my post again. I was not using it as a perjorative but trying to refute some of the claims of some of the malletheads responding on this thread that were accusing us of imperialism. I'm quite sure I was one of the ones that was being painted as a fascist!!
  18. pauldogx

    A day to remember...

    Seriously....what the F**k is wrong with some of you people????? Harry asks for a moment of rememberance on a forum based in the US for several thousand innocent people slaughtered in cold blood by religious fanatics and some of you twist that into a bunch of right wing Christian fascists...
  19. pauldogx

    A day to remember...

    You know Klytus---I generally ignore your obtuse attempts at humor, but some of your comments on this thread are downright offensive. 9/11 is an open wound on this country that will never heal. maybe you should do a little thinking before you press submit. All Harry was doing was trying to have...
  20. pauldogx

    Shohin Symposium

    That is one of Suthin's Hinokis and it is truly impressive in person. A picture can't capture the awesomeness of this tree. How he got such compactness is amazing---everything on that tree is green and lush--even the interior foliage. Suthin had some seriously awesome trees both in his vending...
  21. pauldogx

    Face Book and Bonsai

    I'm on as well. I think it can be a great thing for the bonsai community with its worldwide reach.
  22. pauldogx

    Help ID this pest on my pine

    Looks like a fungus of some sort to me. Try a single purpose fungicide like Daconil. The multi-purpose stuff may not be strong enough. Ponderosas are prone to fungus in humid climates.
  23. pauldogx

    Shohin Symposium

    I will be there for the whole 5 days. Yes it is worth it. Yes there will be an exhibition and vendors. You can check out the info at: go to this link and download the PDF file.
  24. pauldogx

    Sasquatch Sighting (An Alaska Yellow Cedar - For Eric)

    Great story and a great tree!!! Thanks for sharing.
  25. pauldogx

    Chinese Elm Mallsai

    A pic of the whole tree would help!!
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