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    Don’t have time for your remarks.
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    Focus on the question.
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    Japanese black pine styling ideas welcome.
  4. mickey12

    Transferring Bonsai to windy 5th floor porch

    So what’s your opinion on tropical trees as bonsai,?
  5. mickey12

    Huge Jade Tree into a Bonsai - Help with cuts

    I’m confused doesn’t bonsai mean plant in a pot?
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    My Port.

  7. mickey12

    My Port.

    My Ports need some guidance any input would help.
  8. mickey12

    JBP- DFW and Surrounding Areas

    Still have the tree? If so what are you asking for it?
  9. mickey12

    New trident maple advice.

    I am going to give this tree a chance Shibui where in your opinion should I make the chop and at what angle I really appreciate your help in this matter or should I just give up and not waste my time?
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    New trident maple advice.

    Sorry those picture are not really showing the tree correctly here's some
  11. mickey12

    New trident maple advice.

    Hi folks I'm not really new to this forum I just never posted here before just never tried up until now. Here's one of my trident maples that I recently bought on line and I was wondering if you could give me some advice going forward with it.
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    Bought Online Pine Reverse Taper

    Warning do not buy from eastern leaf bonsai!!!!
  13. mickey12

    Marc Torppa / Marc Torpa / Mark Torppa / Mark Torpa @ the Growing Grounds - AVOID

    Avoid ***************** at all cost they misrepresent their trees and customer service is knows nothing.👎👎👎😡
  14. mickey12

    Bought Online Pine Reverse Taper

    I also bought a Japanese black pine from eastern leaf nursery big big mistake the tree was a total mess wire embedded in the trunk all needles cut almost flush, does not even come close to what they advertised on their web sight they said that is the way they do it in Japan .
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    Indoor work?

    Tropicals never stop growing they just slow down I have repotted, trimmed, and even trunk choped in the dead of winter in Colorado under lights of course.
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    American Bonsai Society Announcement

    Enough said lets get back to bonsai.
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    Planting trees outside of the zone.

    Any one growing Japanese black pine in zone 10?
  18. mickey12

    Japanese black pine in colorado zone 5a

    Anybody know the difference between a Japanese black pine and a Korean black pine?
  19. mickey12

    All aboard the Mugo train!

    @sorce what is it between you and Vance?
  20. mickey12

    Pinus mugo (slowmound)

    Does anyone know anything about this mugo other then its a slow grower i.e. is it good bonsai material?
  21. mickey12

    Good time for wiring mugo pine?

    Vance, when is a good time for wiring mugo pine, just got one from the nursery. I'm in zone 5a.
  22. mickey12

    Just bought a Japanese Black Pine

    Looks like a mugo I to me
  23. mickey12

    Winter Care In Not So Cold Central Florida

    I beg to differ a tree in dormancy is not actively growing so light is not an issue.
  24. mickey12

    XL field grown jbp progression

    Awsome looking trunk, I like the movement.
  25. mickey12

    An Import From Vietnam - Semi Cascade Ficus

    Sorry I meant nice trees.
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