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  1. misfit11

    Did Fall Come Early?

    ...or did my neighbor simply forget to water my trees for a few days while I was on vacation in San Diego for two weeks?
  2. misfit11


    Great tree. Thanks for sharing.
  3. misfit11

    Japanese Maple #30

    Uhhhhhh..... I think he knows.
  4. misfit11

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Cicada.

    Go get some trash bags and start stock piling gasoline now!
  5. misfit11

    New Japanese Black Pine

    Very nice JBP with some great potential. I like #3 as a front. Keep us posted of it's progress!
  6. misfit11

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Cicada.

    Just read this crazy NPR story about this fungus that infects Cicadas. Their genitals fall off and they get really horny while high off of the amphetamine it produces. Alternatively, they go on a psilocybin trip. Mother Nature is weird...
  7. misfit11

    Little crape myrtle with big taper

    If you plan to heal a large scar like that, you'll need to let at least one of those leaders grow unchecked for many years. Then after that scar is healed, you'll have another very thick trunk with no taper that will need to be chopped. At this point, you'll have another, albeit smaller, scar to...
  8. misfit11

    Request tree identification

    I still think it's Rose Family. The leaves look like they could be Prunus sp.
  9. misfit11

    Request tree identification

    I agree with Rosaceae Family. Could be a plum. If you could post a clear picture of one of the leaves it might help. The veination might add a clue.
  10. misfit11

    Rock Planting

    I agree with the sentiments above. And just from a practical standpoint, how do you water something that is past vertical? It can be done but not with ease or without making a mess.
  11. misfit11

    Glimpses of my garden

    Absolutely gorgeous, Walter. Do your neighbors know that they live next to a world renowned bonsai artist?
  12. misfit11

    Juniper (procumbens nana) Cascade project

    I wanna know what the original title was now!
  13. misfit11

    Leatherbacks Deshojo Maple renovation

    I agree with you here. This has a very different structure than Brian's tree. He has a somewhat informal broom with multiple trunks emanating from the same area. Yours has two trunks that are very far apart from each other. This is a slingshot as it stands. I think you're making the right choice...
  14. misfit11

    Amur Maple Trunk Chop

    Looks like you're doing all the right things with this guy. Nice choice moving him to a grow box. That added space to let it stretch out will help with bulking up the trunks faster. The wiring for shape when they are young and pliable is critical. Nice work!
  15. misfit11

    Collected Arizona Ash clump/group

    Walter's European Ash
  16. misfit11

    Collected Arizona Ash clump/group

    Very nice, Danny. I like this composition a lot. I'd definitely be gun shy about trying a species with compound leaves myself, but I think Walter Pall has an Ash and it's quite good. I think if you can keep the leaves and leaflets small it will help. Looking forward to seeing the development on...
  17. misfit11

    Bonsai Summer School

    This is great. What an awesome way to get people into the hobby. The bonsai gods will smile on you with this excellent missionary work and witnessing the good news of the Holy Bonsai Spirit. Mr. Miyagi would be proud!
  18. misfit11

    Austrian Pine Yamadori: How big is too big?

    IDK, Adair. Them's big shoes to fill.
  19. misfit11

    Austrian Pine Yamadori: How big is too big?

    Of course it's doable, but who has the means for this? The pot alone for this thing would cost a fortune. To heal the chop you'd have to let it grow for probably a decade at least. Then you'd be doing more chops. It would probably take the better part of 3 decades before you had something that...
  20. misfit11

    Austrian Pine Yamadori: How big is too big?

    Weren't you recently commenting on Potawatomi13's brevity? 😂 He's right though. Going by the very general bonsai size (trunk diameter to tree height) ratio of 1:6, a 1-1/2 foot trunk tree would be 9 feet tall. The pot would need to be about 6 feet wide and 2 feet deep. You'd need a fork lift to...
  21. misfit11

    New to bonsai, check out my trees

    Welcome to the forum and the hobby! It can be so rewarding if not frustrating early on. Make the most of the senior member's knowledge here on the forum. It looks like youve done your research on soils, that's good. Find a local club (if they're meeting in person) and meet some live bonsai...
  22. misfit11


    I Was thinking the exact same thing.
  23. misfit11

    Bonsai Treehouses

    Thanks for the clarification. His attention to detail is unbelievable.
  24. misfit11

    Bonsai Treehouses

    I believe you may be right. I didn't notice that. The article doesn't explain this. Perhaps this answers my question about the treehouses rotting out in the elements. It may be that the trees are dead and these are simply sculptures intended for indoors. Pretty amazing nonetheless.
  25. misfit11

    Bonsai Treehouses

    The lead character designer for the animated show, Bob's Burgers, created these amazing greenhouses within bonsai trees. Sadly, it seems he died recently in a skydiving accident a couple months ago. Talented guy... The trees alone look to be what we'd consider high quality. I just wonder...
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