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  1. esteve59

    Tree Id.....

    I think I bought this from Brent a few years ago,,,,,but I can't find any thing on his site that matches....I believe it is semi-tropical... I just did a hard prune about a month ago.... It a thick waxy leaf and looks like some thorns are starting to grow. Thanks !
  2. esteve59

    colander paradise

    I have been looking for decent colanders and these are the best I have found so far....nice thick plastic....reasonable prices. enjoy.
  3. esteve59

    Anyone know how to root willow ficus cuttings...??

    I have a few trees I am cutting back and I hate to trash all these cuttings..... I tried a few but I am not having any luck... Thanks, Steve B
  4. esteve59

    White pine Air Layer

    I have been doing alot of air layering this season....decided to try some White pine....I am not sure what kind it the ID tag was lost.... I am using some air layer containers that I just discovered....they seem very nice. They come with a special media you can use (if you want)
  5. esteve59

    Heavy pruning/Trunk chop

    I have a few Trident maples and some Acer Palmatums that don't have much lower branching and I want to do some trunk chops and heavy pruning to start some new growth,,,, should I wait for them to leaf out or go ahead now...?? I am in Maryland Zone 7. Let me rephrase... What is the best time...
  6. esteve59

    Mystery juniper

    I am not sure what kind of Juniper this is except I believe it is a "golden" the spring time it has a nice golden hue. you can see by the pics the foliage is not as tight as a shimpaku. So,does anyone have any idea what it might be and any reason I should not attempt to start...
  7. esteve59

    growing black pine from seedlings

    I am trying to find an article link that someone posted in response to another post to growing JBP from seedlings...somewhat recently.... I believe the original author is Brent @ evergreengardenworks....there was reference to the importance of growing out sacrafice branches etc.... I was a great...
  8. esteve59

    elm trunk chop anxeity

    I have not done alot of trunk chops so I want to get some opinions.... Should I use the branch as my new leader,,that would give me a head start as opposed to just chopping below that branch or above it and cutting it off..... UPDATE Here is the chop...I will try to keep updating.... Thanks for...
  9. esteve59

    Ilex Crenata

    Whats up with Ilex Crenata....I have purchased several different varieties of them also a few " ilex crenata pagoda dwarf " mostly from the big box stores.....some from local nurseries.. Every one over the past few years has defoileated and died over the winter.They seem to make it till...
  10. esteve59

    strange bugs

    any one know what these are....they look like barnacles with some slimy creature inside suggestions what to treat with..
  11. esteve59

    beech vs hornbeam

    I have been collecting some American Hornbeam and American Beech trees for the past few years here in Maryland. I had some confusion about distinguising one from the other.So here is my conclusion and if you can add anything please do. American Beech - Fagus grandifolia Carpinus caroliniana...
  12. esteve59

    pinus sylvestris pruning

    I bought this pinus sylvestris last year and I was planning on pruning the new growth now along with my Black Pines.... Can some one tell me if this is the correct timing. I posted pics and it appears new buds are popping....I don't know if that matters.
  13. esteve59

    defoliation help...

    Can anyone share their experience with defoliating....Is it better to put the tree in the shade or full sun afterwards. also,are maples ,elms and beeches all treated the same ? Thanks
  14. esteve59

    pinus leucodermis bosnian pine--Compact Gem

    I found this at a local nursery,,,,,I love these kind of pines but I have heard they are difficult bonsai.... But I am always up for a challenge. Actually I have killed several Bosnian pines as they are difficult to grow in this area. As you can see by the sap I opened the middle up to see...
  15. esteve59

    looking for large tray/pots

    Anyone know where the best place to buy tray/pots for forest and/or saikei plantings..... Thanks
  16. esteve59

    San jose project

    I purchased this at Natures Way Bonsai yesterday and as you can see it needs a serious haircut. Can someone tell me if it is too late in the season to do a major trim on a San jose here in Maryland.
  17. esteve59

    Natural Nebari

    I believe these are American Beech....they are a native variety here in Maryland.....the one hanging from the hill is about 5-6 feet wide. Actually I am not 100% sure wether they are American Hornbeam or Beech.....
  18. esteve59

    This heat is killing me,,,,and my trees

    I have too many trees,,,,so occasionally I miss the correct watering and in this heat wave that is critical. So,,,one of my favorite variegated Elms dried most of its leaves,,,,I think it will survive but does anyone have any recommendations for treating this, Is it better to let all the...
  19. esteve59

    oriental sweetgum

    Hey gang, I purchased this oriental sweetgum seedling on ebay...the problem (i think) is the tree has leaves,,,,,it came from Los Angeles,CA.....and I am in Maryland... Should I introduce cold temps to induce dormancy,,,,,I don't want to shock it.... Or would it be safe to just keep...
  20. esteve59

    Austrian Black Pine

    These are Pinus Nigra,Austrian Black pine.They are all about 12-18" tall w/ about a 3/4 -1" caliper. I am dropping the price to $20 ea and $35 for two,,,I will ship anywhere in mainland US for $15... IF youwant to see more I can email pics of other trees,, I have about 4-6 more...
  21. esteve59

    Japanese Juniper -procumbens nana

    Has anyone had success doing a thread graft or approach graft on Junipers to increase girth at the base....? I am looking at one to purchase that has very nice branching but almost no taper..... Thanks
  22. esteve59

    Japanese Stewartia

    Does anyone have experience with Stewartia ?? Recommend which variety is best for bonsai ? STEWARTIA pseudocamellia STEWARTIA rostrata STEWARTIA koreana STEWARTIA monodelpha .........etc...
  23. esteve59

    Azuma Japanese White Pine

    Here's one for the elders.... Anyone had experience with healing grafts over many years on Japanese White Pine specifically Azuma Japanese White Pine . Someone is selling this and in the description it reads " It has a very low graft that will completely disappear " So...I am skeptical..
  24. esteve59


    I am looking for recommendations for a sturdy turntable under $50.00.... Anyone have a favorite...?
  25. esteve59

    Grey Owl Juniper

    I stumbled across this and thought it has some possibilities although I can not find much reference to this variety used for bonsai... Does any one have any experience with Grey owl juniper ?? One of my concerns is being able to get the lower branches to back bud,,, I cut it back pretty hard...
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