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    Fertilizing Sick Plants?

    I recently answered this question from a customer, and I spent so much time on it, I thought it might interest the group: It's not simple. You need to understand the role of fertilizer, it is not food. Food for plants is carbon dioxide, water, and light- to produce carbohydrates. Fertilizer...
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    Evergreen's Elms

    A number of folks have been asking me when some more new elms will added to our specimen catalog. I just finished adding quite a few, undoubtedly the best we have ever offered. Take a look: The specimen Shimpaku will be next, hopefully up...
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    REBS Show 2007

    It took me forever to get around to it, but I finally finished processing the photos from the REBS Show in August. Just click on the link below to go to the blog to see the photos and read the comments. Posting here about the trees is fine with me. I am sure there are some things you would like...
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    Ebay trees: Why Aren't They 'Worked'?

    I check the Ebay trees about two or three times a week to see what the competition is up to and to judge how to price trees, what the market has to offer, etc. There is a perennial question that arises for me as I look at most of these trees: Why aren't they 'worked'? Of course, most of this...
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