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    My Privet before and after

    Hi all, this is my privet change. tbh i don't even know it is a privet but i have been told that it is. You like it?

    Is this happening due to global warming?

    Hi all, its me again. I wanted your concerns and suggestions about the following. This November we had 1 of the hottest Novembers in years infact the cold is here now but till about 2 weeks ago we have been still going out with t-shirts and shorts infact some do even now. There has been clear...

    Uprooted question.

    Hi all, this morning i went to buy some food stuff and there is a park near this shop where lots and lots of trees where uprooted, most probably to fix the park and make new trees or whatever. There were some great trees and i managed to take one home, my question is this for how long will a...

    Carob anyone?

    Anyone has any experience with carob tree as bonsai? Carobs here grow like weed and in every place you see there is a carob tree. These trees usually grow in ruins etc so almost always the roots are into rocks so its impossible to dig up. So i wanted to know if it is possible to airlayer, i...

    Killing the branches for dead wood?

    Hi all, next week i will be in my first year in Bonsai and really proud of it. Anyway i have some questions and as this is my first year in bonsai i am not an expert but i have an idea and i wanted to know what you think. I have been seeing some great trees with lots and lots of dead wood in...

    Home made modern stand

    Hi all, i am this last week and left it to dry, i wanted to know if you guys like it. I have a modern house so having some mahogany bonsai stand is does not go well i beleive.

    My future bonsai

    Hi all, it is trimming season for me and i am trying to give the shapes to some of my bonsai, i have some ideas but not on all trees so i don't know what to do, here are some pictures. I am mainly confused about the privet, it has a very good trunk with dead wood in it but i don't know how to...

    To paint or not to paint

    HI all, Where i live it is very difficult to get decent pots, or at least pots that will look good for bonsai. I have lately convinced the store to get some large ones (i can always get small ones from ebay or something) So he got me some large ones but they are all the same, they are not so...

    Pruning time?

    Good Evening I have alot of trees that need pruning and i wanted to know when can i start doing this, i live in a zone 11 so trees are still growing here. Some of the trees have stopped growing but some others are still growing, i have been told that we have a long growing season so i don't...
  10. GOZTEK

    The End of My First Summer in Bonsai

    Hi all, i don't know how i feel tbh. Lots and lots of trees suffered me this summer. I am not going to give up but i had many great ideas on some of the dead trees. I wanted to make this topic so i can get some help understanding some of my mistakes but i have also learned alot. What i...
  11. GOZTEK

    Lots of problems with several trees

    Hi all, this is my first season and i have lost lots and lots of trees although lately i have found some good ways to keep all the trees healty until something happened last week. I live in a zone 11 area and the heat in these 2 weeks is unbearable. There are some other topics around with i...
  12. GOZTEK

    Need help finding a site i lost

    HI all, this might not be appropriate here but i really really need this, some while ago i was looking for bonsai sites and i found some kind of teaching site, it has some vids just about 5 or 6 if i can remember. They had a vid about having a juniper (if i remember well) they had a straight...
  13. GOZTEK

    DVD Tutorials

    Guys i have been looking around for some dvd tutorials but unfortunatley i am not finding much, i got 1 from ebay but it is only introduction i wanted something more specific. Do you know any other sits whre i can get some tutorials? Thanks
  14. GOZTEK

    Help with some fruit trees that need help

    Hi all, as this is my first spring i had several problems with trees and lost a couple unfortunatley. Now i have this proplem and actually today i found out that it is only on fruit trees. These trees get new leaves and the trees look healthy then all together starting acting wierd. Any idea...
  15. GOZTEK

    Malta's Exibition 2009

    Here are most of the pics, there are some more but couldn't manage to take all pics. For me this is the first exibition i attend and i have to say i was astonished with the trees. Most of the trees are local which are Carob, Olive Trees, Sandaric Gum Trees, African Tamarisk, Pepper trees...
  16. GOZTEK

    First spring in bonsai.

    Hi all here are some observation i have been doing and i am trying to get replies. This is my first spring in bonsai so i am trying to make the best i can do with my trees. Some of my trees are blooming and some are not. I believe some of my trees are being over watered, actually i stopped...
  17. GOZTEK

    Repotting question

    Hi all, I am still buying new trees almost everyweek, and i have a small question. We all know that peat is not good for trees but unfortunatel all the trees i can buy are in peat. Usually i just repot them immediately in more suitable soil. Now is almost summer and i don't know if i...
  18. GOZTEK

    Modern home made stand

    Hi all, here is an indoor bonsai stand made by me. I have everything modern so i thought i would do something modern aswell to meet the colours of my kitchen. This is a large window, actually not a window because its a large fixed glass with lots and lots of light, i actually think that...
  19. GOZTEK

    Eucalyptus i think, need ideas

    Hi all again, Here is the pic of a collected aucalyptus i have, i need some styling idea and also my idea is in the pics but i want to know if anyone has a better idea.
  20. GOZTEK

    Fukien tie problem

    Hi all, i managed to take some pics today. This fukean was my first bonsai given to me as a bday present. Obviously when it was bought it had alot of leaves and now its dying or i don't know what is happening, i have tried alot of things to try to keep it alive but then on the other hand the...
  21. GOZTEK

    2 Questions for you Masters

    Hi, This is my first post here and i am enjoying the stay. This is my first spring into bonsai i started in december. I am getting new trees almost every week because once someone told me the trick to cheat time on trees is to have lots of trees. I have 2 questions, i have read that we mostly...
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