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  1. JoeR


    Just want to share my latest project, a cement forest pot I made for some zelkova and trident seedlings I had. Zelkova were grown from seed started in maybe 2016/2017, trained independently and then assembled last spring. Tridents came from plantcitybonsai in 2016, and I was told they were 5-7...
  2. JoeR

    WTB bulk soil in NC

    My trees will start waking up in a month or two, so I'm trying to be prepared this year. Looking for a decent amount of Akadama, pumice, and lava. Pine bark, too. I was thinking about reaching out to Triangle Bonsai Society or other clubs in state to see if anyone is looking for members to...
  3. JoeR

    Is this scale or normal for Kinzu?

    Recently got this kinzu or Hong Kong kumquat, it showed up a little ragged but I cant tell if these spots are something normal for kinzu, or scale etc? Any idea?
  4. JoeR

    Toyo Nishiki Quince Semi-Cascade

    I received this quince as a root cutting from Evergreengardenworks maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Its been somewhat neglected the last year, leaves got burnt a few times and such. So today I gave it a much needed repot to prepare it for the future design. Its a hefty single trunk for the species, but...
  5. JoeR

    Melastome, fungus or insects?

    I got this melastome for free from a local nursery, and its leaves looked OK when i first got it a week or two ago. Now I've noticed these small bumps on only the tops of the leaves. It looks fungal, they don't scrape off easy and I looked at them with a jewelers lense but I still couldn't tell...
  6. JoeR

    Looking for ID on Legume

    A year and a half ago, one of my botany professors gave me a large brown legume pod with red, pinto bean sized seeds inside to keep. I planted them and now have two plants, one in a terrarium and this one outside in a pot. They have not grown very fast at all, but that might be because they are...
  7. JoeR

    Willow Leaf Ficus

    I received this tree Friday, after traveling from Puerto Rico in the mail for four days. It stands at about 9" tall from the pot, and the base is 6" or so across (Komono is more appropriate than shohin correct, @Adair M ?). It came with this tokoname flower pot, which has some hard water build...
  8. JoeR

    Please share your Corylopsis pauciflora Experience

    Corylopsis pauciflora, or buttercup winterhazel, has marginally fragrant pendulous yellow flowers born on bare branches in late winter. The leaves are attractive, especially the elongating shoots that have a lavender to reddish color. The branching is also naturally fine. Despite the appealing...
  9. JoeR

    Liverwort Question, Paludarium build

    Hi all, I've been growing liverwort for a while now both in a terrarium and outside in a dish. I collected some freshly germinated gemmae from a spot that was about to be demolished and placed them in a dish to grow. Today I had the chance to use about half of the dish to plant in my new 7...
  10. JoeR

    ID wanted

    Hi all, For the most part I'm familiar with the flora of NC. This tree however is one I am not sure of. At first glance, I believed it to be a hawthorn, the leaves match but the bark and lack of thorns aren't like the cratageous we have here. My next guess was a variety of viburnum, but again...
  11. JoeR

    Chaste, vitex agnus castus for sale

    Monks pepper, chaste, vitex tree for sale. Fragrant leaves and purple flowers. 5" nebari spread, 6" tall to end of trunk, and trunk is a little over an inch. $150 OBO. Only selling because my collection has become too large to maintain with the time I have. Thanks
  12. JoeR

    Serissa, J. Quince, and Barbados Cherry

    I have 16 serissa cuttings in 4" pots that id like to get rid of. They are a mix of purple, double white, and pink fairy flowers. These two were wired for shape, $15 each, but I have 14 more unstyled ones that are the same size and are $8 obo. I also have this gnarly little toyo nishiki...
  13. JoeR

    Purple Serissa

    This is a cutting grown purple serissa japonica I got from @Mellow Mullet in maybe 2017 or so. I havent touched it much until today, so I set the initial structure in place. It appears to be focusing on flowering, and when i see more vigorous growth it will be cut back as the foliage is...
  14. JoeR

    Grow Beds 2020

    Just a thread to catalogue progress of some projects I planted in grow beds. Most trees are from cuttings in 4" pots planted in the beds last summer or fall. Not everything that I have in the beds will be posted, and more pics will come in the spring. I believe almost all of these were screwed...
  15. JoeR

    What would you do with this Awkward cork bark maple?

    As the title says, where can I take this thing? It’s an “Ibo Nishiki” Cork bark maple, and has wonderful bark but an awkward trunk line. I don’t know if this cultivar will survive a clean trunk chop. Oddly this year it has TONS of flowers.
  16. JoeR

    What to do with these Zelkova seedlings?

    If you had this case of 19 one year old Zelkova seedlings what would you do with it? Forest? Brooms? Trying to figure out what to do with them, I don’t have a ton of space for a bunch of seedlings. Might even try to find someone who would buy them and I’ll ship bareroot.
  17. JoeR

    Looking for Soil Components In NC

    Kind of frustrated looking for soil components online, also don’t want to get screwed again cost wise. Anyone have Boon’s mix or separate soil components (akadama, pumice, lava) in this area, or know of a cheap place to get it online? I’m in the Wilmington NC area, or Southern Pines NC area but...
  18. JoeR

    Chojubai Already on the Move

    Weather has been exceptionally warm here for this time of year, in the upper 60’s and 70’s. With that, some species like quince have decided that winter has already come and gone and are waking up. This chojubai in particular is ready for spring, but with real winter not even started, what...
  19. JoeR

    Shohin JBP

    While I’ve worked with JBP seedlings and other species of pines before, I’ve never actually had a good project JBP. This will be my first real venture into the species, certainly looking forward to learning. I acquired this at the Winter Silhouette show from the Valavanis’ sales table; of which...
  20. JoeR

    Pre-bonsai, Cuttings for Sale

    Going off to college, UNCW, in three weeks. Need to reduce my collection. Selling what I’m not putting in the ground or keeping on my benches. Local pickup would be great, preferable actually, although I am willing to ship. The Kishu is quite large though and would be best picked up locally. I...
  21. JoeR

    Serissa Cuttings

    @GrimLore , @Mellow Mullet Here’s some additional pictures. My apologies for quality, I have a cast on :mad: so it’s hard for me to get good pictures and the camera wouldn’t focus with the lighting. I believe there to be at least three types. The two large ones are flowering now, the multi...
  22. JoeR

    Are These Sweetgum worth Collecting?

    Last year I collected several sweetgum, massive ones with great potential. Sadly though they did not make it, and they were a back breaker to get out of the ground even with a saws all. They don’t really seem to have roots close to the trunk, rather just a massive and deep taproot. So are these...
  23. JoeR

    Interesting Little Moss/Fungus ID

    Found this gem yesterday during my afternoon run, I think its stunning. So vibrant, picture certainly does no justice. Don’t know if it’s a moss or fungus though? It’s approximately the size of a quarter. I’d like to Incorporate it into an accent planting somehow. I would be amazed if someone...
  24. JoeR

    Is this a Mango Tree?

    I’ve only seen mango trees in pictures online, and this looks very very similar to them. But this is in Topsail, NC- where I imagine it consistently gets too cold for? So can anyone positively ID it as a mango? Fruit are fairly small, either unripe or it’s some sort of dwarf variety.
  25. JoeR

    Indoor Plant/Tree ID

    One of my local nurseries has an indoor plant section and this was sitting in there yesterday. I’m not quite sure what it is, but it looks pretty cool and maybe bonsai-able. They were asking $35 for it, has probably a 4” trunk at least. But you could still tell it was kind of more succulent...
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