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  1. Lance

    Escallonia re-style...

    Hello all, This is an Escallonia I have had for about two years, when i had it it was just a ball of leaves on a trunk. Anyway! I decided to leave it grow, and see what i could make of it, so tonight armed with tools i opened up the tree to reveal the trunk and give it some shape... I am...
  2. Lance

    Juniper I have been working on.

    Hello all, This is a Juniper I have been working on, when I had it, it was a big bush like shape and hadn't been well looked after, so I styles it, given a jin with shari... many thanks Lance..
  3. Lance


    Hello all, Has anybody used a Ballast mix to pot their trees in? If so what results did you have? many thanks Lance....
  4. Lance

    Siver Birch:

    Hi all, I collected this silver birch from the mountains, i feel i a few years time with some growing and styling it will make a nice Bonsai. Where the red mark is, thats where i am planing to chop , and take the left shoot as the new leader. Lance..
  5. Lance

    windswept or not?

    Hi all, I have been working on this juniper below, I am planing in the wek to hollow out the trunk to blend it in with the Jin.. I am still uncertain to make the whole tree into a "windswept" by jining the top apex? any suggestions? take care, Lance.
  6. Lance

    Siver birch.

    Hi all, Here are some pics of Silver Birch, they will be ready for collection next spring, they have great movement on the trunk together with old cracked bark. Hopefully they will make Good bonsai in the future, take care, Lance.
  7. Lance

    Plan for cascade.

    Hi all, This pine below, I am planing on collecting next spring and making a cascade out of it. The trunk is very garnaled and old. I have removed some of the branching that I won't be needing, I am planing on givening it some deadwood features with some nice flowing branch... take alook..
  8. Lance

    Pines I got my eye on.

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I was walking the nearby mountains, out marking up trees for next spring to collect, when I stumbled onto this lovely patch of ground very bare and harsh weathers are all around up there.. Anyway there are some beautyfull trees up there very contorted and dwarfed from...
  9. Lance

    When is the best time?

    Hi all, I have a few pines that I am planing on 'jining and carving' I have heard so many conflicting info on the best time to perform these methods. So my question can anybody give a rule of thumb to start carving etc. take care, Lance.
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