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    Trident Maple yellow leaves

    This tree has been in the ground about 5 years now. Today when I walked around to look at the trees I saw yellow leaves all around it on the ground. I think it did something like this before but not this many leaves. what can I do to stop this thanks
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    Japanese Maple from cutting

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    Winter Storage removal SurpriseS

    With the DLS change I had about an hour of daylight left after work and gym. I figured I would take my trees out of the small house that is really for our well filter. I rebuilt it a few years ago with transparent roof and tall enough for some trees. We have a light that hangs from a bungee cord...
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    Collected Beech 3-7-20

    While on our property this weekend, I got this, not much to the trunk but did get a fair amount of roots. Couple years ago RockM told me Beech do not like drastic root cut back when collecting, the one he told me about died. So I hope this will have a better chance. I had about 2 hours of day...
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    Collecting Wisteria 3-7-20

    I got access to this Wisteria, there is a much larger one about 4 feet away and I think this came up it, you can see above ground roots between the 2. Seems everything I dig does not have much roots, but one big tap. This has more than some I have dug. I cut it back, I think it really...
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    Looking for a Hornbeam

    A couple of years ago I collected a Beech on our land and some people made comments that there should be some Hornbeam around since there were Beech and they may be close to water. This weekend I decided to take a look Saturday afternoon, good chance to get my Dad out of the house as he enjoys...
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    Collected Wisteria Soil

    I found an nice wisteria that I can collect this weekend. What would be the best soil for this, should I bare root it or leave some original soil? I have some turface & bark / Pumice / used Brussels soil I read some of the past post about collected wisteria on here, just asking current opinions ...
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    Tree identification

    Saw this tree this weekend, idea of what it is and would it be worth collecting?
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    Azalea Collecting Options

    I have the opportunity to dig a few azalea from a home that will be sold and most likely demolished, which will most likely destroy the azalea in the process. So if my dig does not work and they die, it is not as if I wasted the tree. There are 4 places with multiple trunks coming from one...
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    Hawthron Collenting Dissapointed Day

    Over the past 3 maybe 4 years I have collected and marked hawthorn on our property. Out of the 3 I have collected 1 is still living, now this just can't be that hard. We have all read BVF story of how it got the awesome hawthorn of his from collecting near his home. :rolleyes: First year I...
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    Alabama Bonsai Show today

    Went to the Alabama Show in Birmingham today, Great Show! Many Beautiful trees, big turn out for the event. Talked with BFV and meet Mellow Mullet and got to talk to many other interesting people. Took some pictures for screen saver viewing and picked up a couple of trees from Michael McDaniel /...
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    Brussels 2019 Pictures-4

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    Brussels 2019 Pictures-3

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    Brussels 2019 More Pictures -2

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    Brussels 2019 More Pictures

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    Brussels Spring Sale 2019

    Made a trip to Brussels this weekend for the Spring Sale. Over the years I have tried to go at least every couple of years and that is only because of the distance. If it were closer I would go much more or till I was Bonsai Broke... I think @Adair M described it as "The scale of the place is...
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    Hawthron BrokeRoot 2019

    Got this yesterday when I was in the woods. It was the smaller of the ones I say and wanted to get at least 1 tree since I was here. (Tagged Tress Post 2-9-19) Did not get as many roots as I thought I had and one of the large roots that would have been showing at soil line broke off on the rid...
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    Tagged Trees for Later

    Went to our property today, got a late start. I was ready at 8am waiting for my Dad to call and say he was awake, he love to go this is his home place as a child but does not like to drive there by himself now at 86. So I am waiting as I know sometime he sleeps in and did not want to wake him...
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    The Tree that Would Not Give Up

    I saw this Saturday when in the woods. It is by a small stream, look close on the right side you see where it broke off and started back andthen the left looks like a new tree out of the root.
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    2019 Collecting Something2

    This is the second tree I collected yesterday, this was the largest pot I had to put it in. If it goes well I will build a box for it next year. I was out of the turface and bark mix so I used this gray stone (somewhat porous) mix for an older tree. I realize the chance of bringing something in...
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    2019 Collecting Something1

    Made a trip to our property yesterday to look for trees to collect. It's been cold last week and my Dad could not get out to do much so I figured it would be a good day for him as the land is his old home property. I realize it is a bit early to collect but with my limited time on the weekends...
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    Pot with wire knobs I saw this in a Stonelantern news letter today. I think it is a great idea, wish I had thought of it.... :)
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    Mailbox Bonsai

    I have been watching this tree for the past 20 years or more. It is on the street my parents live on and even before I worked with bonsai I thought it was being cut to be some type of bonsai. I knew the owners of the home but not very well. I saw the wife one day at the local school that I was...
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    Testing my new saw

    Rained here Thursday night so it messed up my plans for Friday work around the house (have some days off). So I figured get my dad out of the house and try the new reciprocating saw he gave me for Christmas. Did not have a lot of time by the time we got to our property and it really seems warm...
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    Yellow Spots on Hawthorn Leaves

    Of the 2 Hawthorn I collected last year my favorite pick did not make it through the winter. The other did wake and is doing pretty good until this weekend I see yellow spots on many of the leaves. The pictures do not show the spot very well but it is showing throw to the underside. Any idea...
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