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    I would like to plant Irish Moss in-between pieces of flagstone. Any secrets to growing moss in hot/dry New Mexico? Thanks!

    Don't do it. Irish Moss isn't moss. Its Arenaria. If you get it to live, it will get into your bonsai pots and you will never get rid of it. Or do it. Source is correct. Lots of water. Also, organic soil amendments.
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    Hornbeam v. Hophornbeam?

    Hophornbeam tend to have less muscular/fluted trunks, with some flaking with age. American Hornbeam tend to have the muscular/fluted trunks.
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    Shohin crabapple, ‘sargentii’

    Judy, Sounds like good advice. May have to start using it. But it didn't come from me! Regards, Martin
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    Will a black pine be ok for 8 days during shipping?

    Aftercare will be more important than shipping time. If it has active growth, reintroduce it to hot, direct sun a little at a time, giving it more sun gradually.
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    What to do with this Shishigashira

    I'd give it this year to grow and layer next year
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    I'm hooked but don't know where to start

    If you are really looking for tropical, Campbells Nursery on South Blvd usually has some potted in ceramic with at least basic styling, some more. Bonsai Learning Center is the best resource in the area for classes, supplies and inspiration. Only open by appointment. Regards, Martin
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    Peat Muck?

    Contact Brad Russell at the Bonsai Learning Center. Regards, Martin
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    How large before air layering?

    I have found that the more growth one gets above the layer point, the better the results at the layer point. Regards, Martin
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    Is it possible to acquire an Oriental hornbeam in the US?

    You need to be clear about what you want. Carpinus orientalis is Oriental hornbeam and is from the Mediterranean. It is what Walter Pall (and others) is growing. He shares progression threads of them here. They are not Korean hornbeam, Carpinus turc or koreana. From Wikipedia "Carpinus...
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    Moving to Charlotte NC!

    Davidson is very nice. North side of Charlotte. Lake Norman and Mooresville are also nice on the North side. Bonsai Learning Center is Mooresville. I am South side in Waxhaw area. Regards, Martin
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    Moving to Charlotte NC!

    What town/city. Charlotte's a big place. If you have roots in Asheville, the NC Arboretum would be a fine place to donate you PNW natives. They have temp controlled winter storage for their collection. Regards, Martin
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    Ume anticipation...

    Nice to finally see them. I think they have been open a fair while, but I was out of town.
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    Ume anticipation...

    Getting closer.
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    Calling Anyone with Pitch Pines

    Thanks, yes. It was pruned to start some movement and then was allowed to grow for a year. Was wired 2018 to place some more movement. Regards, Martin
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    Calling Anyone with Pitch Pines

    Here is a 5 year old pitch pine seedling I've been growing since it was a 1 year old seedling. It's been in the 1gl pot for 2 years now. Planning to pot it into a training pot this Spring with the goal of eventually making it into a shohin.
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    Ume anticipation...

    Merry Christmas to you Adair! Well composed. Here is a picture from mine in NC. It is a cutting I rooted from what I remember as a seedling. It has not bloomed for me yet, so I am excited to see what exactly it produces after waiting about 8 years Regards, Martin
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    Bonsai Auction/99 Cent Bonsai Shadiness - and a better alternative!

    Old school Yankee Trader stuff right there. Merry Christmas. Regards, Martin
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    Bonsai Auction/99 Cent Bonsai Shadiness - and a better alternative!

    The resurrected Bonsai Auctions page allows more posts per week, I believe 6 of which can have a value under $20 and 6 of which can be over $20. Anyway, it is in the rules/pinned post
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    Bonsai Auction/99 Cent Bonsai Shadiness - and a better alternative!

    So, there are now 2 sites named Bonsai Auctions on Facebook? One asking for 3% donations and one not? Regards, Martin
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    LG Large Kotohime

    Lars, I tried to buy that tree from Larry about 5 years ago when I had some money, but he wouldn't sell it. When he would sell it, I no longer had enough money. Congrats. I really like that one. It was grown by the Growing Grounds in the ground before Larry acquired it from Mark. Regards, Martin
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    What can I expect from the vendors at Winter Silhouette?

    SM, You will find Akadama and cascade pots. Orange Dream is doubtful unless you reach out to a vendor or 2 and see if one has one they can bring/acquire for you. I do not believe I have seen one at the Silhouette Show so far. Regards, Martin
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    Help identifying this seedling

    DK!, Hard to tell. Looks like it may be a Yaupon Holly. Regards, Martin
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