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    Collected escallonia. I don't know the exact variety. Escallonia are a South America native. They grow well in my moderate climate near San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean a few miles away. The height including pot is about 18 inches.
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    California juniper

    One of my favorite bonsai. I won it as collected stock in a convention raffle many years ago. It was donated by the great Harry Hirao. Height including pot is about 40 inches. I've been doing some minor trimming and general cleanup today. . mike page Member Posts: 434 Joined date...
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    Heavy Bending

    Years ago I saw a demonstration on how to bend a heavy branch or trunk. The technique involved carving our the branch so little was left but the live part. then a metal rod was fitted in the hollow, and the branch was wrapped tightly with raffia. Then the bending process began. The metal rod...
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    Hollow rock with kingsvilles

    The marble tray is about 32 inches long.
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    Rock is 21 inches tall. Rock and pot from Japan. Juniper is California grown In training for about 15 uears.
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    Display to honor

    I set up this display to honor the late Max Silten, long time member of Sei Boku Bonsai Kai of San Mateo CA. Max and I and about a dozen others were at the founding meeting of Sei Boku under the direction of the late Sensei Bob Kato. Max was a professional graphic artist, and at the time a...
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    California juniper repotted

    Today the weather was great and ideal for repotting. I decided this Cal Juniper was due for a pot change. i had this Dale Cochoy pot on the shelf and put it to good use. The Cal Jun has one very unusual aspect. The trunk has a 360 degree twist from bottom to top. The height including the pot...
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    I've had this stone laying about for many years. I thought it was about time I try it as a display piece. Height is about 10 inches.
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    River stone

    A friend gave me this found stone about 10 years ago. Today I decided to attempt photographing it. There was some difficulty in color rendition. I tried different backgrounds to set it on. The one that seemed to work the best is this dark glass round. The colors are fairly accurate.
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    Suiseki in suiban

    I attended the Golden State Bonsai Federation convention in Santa Clara California last weekend. I bought this suiseki and suiban in the vendor's area, The suiban is 12 inches across,
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    I attended the Golden State Bonsai Federation convention this past weekend in Santa Clara CA. Met lot's of old friends. Among them were Dan Robinson and Victrinia Ensor. Talking to Dan about old times reminded me of the time in 1986 or 87 when we created this Ponderosa pine rock planting...
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    Where do they go?

    Over the years there have been a number of bonsai websites that I enjoy visiting that seem to flourish, and then vanish. Sometime back there was bonsaiTALK that did very well, and then quit. Very recently the site Art of Bonsai seems to have gone to cyber heaven. How are you doing, "Nut"...
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    COAST LIVE OAK (quercus agrifolia)

    I was working on this oak today and shot a picture. The height from the Dale Cochoy pot is 38 inches. It was collected (legally) about 20 years ago in the California coastal hills near Monterey. Height including the Dale Cochoy pot is 38 inches. Mike
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    Scholar's Rock

    overall height about 22 inches.
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    Cork oak

    This quercus suber started out life as a seedling growing in the yard of a member of my club. About the time (20-25 years ago) it reached 10 skinny feet tall, she decided it had to go and offered it to me if I wanted to dig it up. So dig I did. I cut it down to about it's present height before...
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    Chinese figure stone

    This stone makes me think of a prehistoric flying monster.
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    This escallonia, and several more, was collected about 3 or 4 years ago by Tim Kong of San Francisco. He very kindly presented me with this one about 2 or so years ago. It was trimmed and repotted in the early spring of this year. Recently I trimmed it some more and wired it.
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    Long Tall Sally

    J. procumbens nana 41 inches tall including pot. In training about 10 years. Today's work included major trim and creation of jin branches.
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    Lime-sulfer ban

    I recently learned that Lime-sulfur spray has been banned in California. This could pose a problem for all who have a lot of trees such as California junipers that are mostly dead wood and must be preserved. It may well be that this ban only applies to the agricultural spray products. Anyone out...
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    Sumo shohin boxwood

    This buxus japonica stands 5.5 inches tall and measures 16 inches around the base.
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    Twisted California Juniper

    This California Juniper was collected in the mid 1970's by Harry Hirao, aka "Mr. California Juniper". My first sensei, Bob Kato bought it from Harry. When Bob died 20 some years ago, I bought it from his widow. At that time, no work had been done on it, so I started from scratch. This is one of...
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    Bunjin or ?

    The first image is a recently aquired Japanese Black Pine, 37 inches tall. Changes may be in the works. Use the poll to express your preference. Image 1, as is. Images 2 and 3 are options. Mike
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    Not so large saikei

    This Kingsville saikei has 6 trees. Even number, I know. That only matters in a group planting. The saikei has elements other than the trees. The pot is about 22 inches long. Mike
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    I've been working on this escallonia rubra var. Woodside for some time now, trying to get the form I want to fit this pot. I'm still looking for some more side growth to extend it beyond the edges of the pot. Another part of the work is to try to get a good image suitable for printing. Getting...
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    Large California Juniper

    This California Juniper was collected by Harry Hirao around 20 or so years ago. He donated it to the GSBF 2000 convention raffle, and I won it. I'm posting 2 views and a poll to see which view you folks like best; Height from soil line is 35 inches. Pot by Sara Rayner. Mike
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