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  1. Roberts

    site for buying,selling,trading

    Good day I had a web site book-marked for selling, buying ,trading bonsai and related products. Had a computed problem and lost it. Did searches here and Goggle but cannot find it. Think I originally saw it posted here( on Nut) but not sure. It had tokens that you could buy to pay for...
  2. Roberts

    elm root over rock

    I picked up this Zelkova Elm a couple years ago (first pic). I let the main limbs grow free for two seasons to thicken them up some. Would like to keep the tree sized on the small side as not to make it look like it overwhelms the rock. I cut back the limbs this spring but thinking maybe I...
  3. Roberts

    March madness

    Ya gotta just love March in Iowa, yesterday was 62*F and this-morning :rolleyes: Robert
  4. Roberts

    bonsai hat

    Hi Would like to find a "good quality" ( no flimsy, cheap, small bill,silk screened :rolleyes:) baseball style hat with embroidered bonsai tree with maybe a rising red sun behind???? or something on that order. I've ebay'ed, Google, and looked at bonsai shows but never seen any. Is there...
  5. Roberts

    Help with Azalea styling

    Hi, I picked up this Azalea pre-bonsai over the winter (still have a couple months to go here in Iowa). It's 11" tall and has a 2 3/4" trunk. Was told its around 20 years old. Looks like two trees have fused together to make a twin trunk with 5 trunks/limbs? coming off the two. Having...
  6. Roberts

    Very old ilex shilling

    HI, I'm selling on E-bay my Ilex shilling. It's going thru a growth spurt right now so looks shaggy, but letting it go so new owner can work it over :). More pic's and description on E-Bay or Email me any questions. $1250. Thanks , Robert
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