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  1. BonsaiButler

    What to do?

    Hey everyone, it's been forever since I've posted anything. Anyway's i have this juniper unsure of variety, it's been with me for 10 years just never could figure out what to do with it. Any suggestions on styling, or how to deal with juniper foliage would be much appreciated . Thanks-nate
  2. BonsaiButler

    New tree (Salix nakamurana)

    I came across this awesome cascade Hokkaido willow salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina and couldn't pass it up for the price. I feel very good about this purchase. I paid 80$.
  3. BonsaiButler

    What to do about thieves?

    Fertilizer thieves to be more specific. I have been using organic fertilizer for several years, I think it works great when it hasn't gone missing. What can i do to keep things off of my fertilizer? I really don't want to switch to inorganic for several reasons( don't want to debate that here)...
  4. BonsaiButler

    When to repot pyracantha

    Was wondering if it was a good time to repot evergreens including pyracantha, cotoneaster, ivy..etc. The pyracantha has new buds all over it as a lot of the leaves were removed in late fall. Would repotting the pyracantha now weaken it because it is pushing buds? Also they are in original...
  5. BonsaiButler

    Too early to repot?

    Hey guys, I just moved to a new zone in October. I am now in zone 8a and have noticed some bud activity on my Hawthornes, Crabapple's and plums. Is it still to early to repot?
  6. BonsaiButler

    Black pine needle cast

    I know there are some expert black pine guys around here that may be able to shed some light on this problem. Several of my pines are showing signs of needle cast. Some more severe than others. How do you identify the cause\ treatment. I have already sprayed copper fungicide and lime sulfur...
  7. BonsaiButler

    Antique Chinese pot penny start

    Hey everyone, I don't know very much about antique ceramics but this piece really caught my eye. It unfortunately does not have a drainage hole but would still be a great display piece...
  8. BonsaiButler

    need ID'd please

    Can anyone tell me what these trees are?
  9. BonsaiButler

    Deciduous Azaleas

    Hi everyone, I was wondering If there are any deciduous azalea varieties that make good bonsai? I know most azalea bonsai are Japanese evergreen varieties. Does anyone have an example of these native azaleas as bonsai? Im asking because I picked up a couple with decent trunks at very a...
  10. BonsaiButler

    JPB when can I prune/cutback

    hello everyone been a while... I am pretty new to pines and was wondering if it is too late in the season to do major pruning on my black pines. They are quite happy, with lots of new growth and green needles. but they are getting really leggy and some of the branches are waay to thick. heres...
  11. BonsaiButler

    acer circinatum Yamadori

    I'm back with more yamadori for you guys. picked these vine maples up a couple months ago from a recently logged area near where I work. They seem to be recovering well.
  12. BonsaiButler

    Ceanothus Cuneatus Yamadori

    Last time I reported about these trees, I had just collected them. Sorry to say all but one died (thirteen total). This little one is the only survivor.
  13. BonsaiButler

    Shohin crabapple

    small crab apple growing quickly. I have already pruned it back several times this season. fast grower.
  14. BonsaiButler

    Little shohin ash

    Just a small Ash I've had for 2 years. I think It will make a nice shohin tree in a couple more years.
  15. BonsaiButler

    More plums

    I have quite a few wild plums. Here are some recent pics of two of them including a new air layer from this season.
  16. BonsaiButler

    Not sure what this is.

    Hey guys I dug up this tree early spring. At first I thought it was Douglas Fir but now I'm not sure. The needles are soft and pretty small. It seems to have recovered well, anyways please help with ID.
  17. BonsaiButler

    When to re pot JBP?

    Just picked up these two black pines that appear to be quite root bound, just wondering when/how Japanese black pine is repotted. I want to put them into pond baskets with pumice. How should I go about doing this?
  18. BonsaiButler

    Giant Japanese maples

    Just came across this page earlier, pretty cool stuff. Thought some of you would find it interesting and decided to share it.
  19. BonsaiButler

    Multi trunk wild plum

    Yet another yamadori prunus. had this for a couple seasons, thought the shape/trunks were interesting.
  20. BonsaiButler

    New yamadori

    Hi there everyone, been a little while since I've posted something. found a new spot with some very promising material. The species is Ceanothus cuneatus. I ended up with like eight of them. From what little information I could find, they can only spread their seeds by wildfire. Also I read that...
  21. BonsaiButler

    small japanese maple

    Little Japanese maple Ive been working on for the last year.
  22. BonsaiButler

    English Ivy Pictures

    Here's a few pictures I took tonight of my English ivy. I have had this tree for about five and a half years now collected as urban yamadori. One thing I like about this Ivy is the leaves seem to reduce quite well. If anyone has any pictures of some examples of Ivy bonsai feel free to post them...
  23. BonsaiButler

    Hawthorn Yamadori

    Here are some pictures of a few Hawthorns collected two years ago. Still a long way to go.
  24. BonsaiButler

    Multi trunk willow

    Here is one of the willows I have been working on for the last year. I collected it at the beginning of summer last year and let it grow wild (It grew very fast). After the leaves fell I thought I would try to put some wire on it and begin sorting out some of the numerous branches, and try to...
  25. BonsaiButler

    Need help Identifying

    Not too sure what this is...collected last year early summer. any ideas?