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  1. boguz

    Boguz JBP seed contest

    Hi mates My seeds arrived me a little late 😊 But i am here for learning, so its good. I soaked my seeds yesterday. I am not sure how long they are going to be there☺ Good luck to everyone, but mostly for me☺
  2. boguz

    3 wild olives

    Hi mates I got 3 wild olives from a friend. He bought those yamadori trees from a bazaar last year. They are not so green, so they need some time for root development i guess. First 2 ones have nice nebari. But they have bad grafting scars :( I am not sure if i can hide them by carving. You...
  3. boguz

    ulmus mallsai

    Hi guys One of my friend gave me her ulmus as she knows i am nut with bonsais :) I know these mallsais are bad with design & soil. I want to just keep it alive, and maybe in a few years i can make an airlayer at this bad angle! For now, I cleaned dried branches. And planning to dig it into a...
  4. boguz

    My small Bougainvillea

    Hi guys. Last week i got this bougainvillea from a nursary. I made some little cuts, tried to keep its natural shape. Do you have any ideas Thanks
  5. boguz


    Hello Yesterday i got this crassula at a very nice price, 10$. It doesn't seem so healty, but it seems very old. It is my first crassula, i am not sure what to do. Yes it is not as easy as portulacaria afra for bonsai shapes, but i feel something can be done
  6. boguz

    Newbei Thuja

    Hello I got this thuja from a neighbour. Its nebari is so beautiful. I didn't see much thuja bonsai. Do you guys have any ideas? I choped it not short for now. I found those last 2 pictures, seems i have a long way
  7. boguz

    Cypress or juniper?

    Hi guys I got this plant from a local nursey last week, as a juniper. But it also looks like hinoki cypress. Do you guys know it? Thanks
  8. boguz

    Olive tree

    Hi all Here is my ugly olive tree. It has aprox. 12cm of trunk. One main side of the branch is dead, so i ll cut it off or maybe i ll try some carvings.
  9. boguz

    Olive tree

    Hi all Here is my little olive tree. It has all the right branches that i want. I will repot and put some good soil in early spring.
  10. boguz

    Ulmus (semi cascade)

    Hi all Here is my ulmus tree. It has approx. 10cm of trunk. I want to work semi cascade with this tree. There is no wiring done on this tree, just cut&grow.
  11. boguz

    Gumwood (Pistacia lentiscus, Mastic)

    Hi all Here is my mastic tree progression. Yes, its thin and doesn't have a great nebari, but i like its gum odor after trimming or watering. I will work with this one as a mame bonsai in the future, maybe. 09.08.2015 10.09.2015 28.02.2016 17.07.2016
  12. boguz

    Ligustrum (privet)

    Hi guys. One more plant, a ligustrum from spring. I dont know its species, japonicum or chinese, or another. Again i pruned them hard. Didn't split them because i was a little late, so next year i will separete them. Maybe i try semi cascade in one of them. It grows so fast, so maybe i do "cut...
  13. boguz

    Pittosporum undulatum

    Hi everyone. I bought this pittosporum in spring and made a heavy prune. Actually my plans were much more different when i bought this tree but its where i am now. I am new to bonsai, so i am always in dilemmas :) Any ideas for me guys. 20.02.2016 28.02.2016 And first heavy prune...
  14. boguz


    In early spring, i bought this cotoneaster from a local nursery. I like its trunk&bark, it looks old. But i guess it wasnt so healthy, no buds & few leaves. I gave humic acid in every 2 weeks and fertilizers. Now it looks better i guess, and hope i can reach my target :) I am not experienced a...
  15. boguz

    pyracantha sparkler - informal upright

    Hi everyone And my other nursery is an pyracantha. I loved its nebari a lot, and also it has an natural "S"shape, so wanted to try an informal upright. If there are any advice, it would be great to hear as a newbie here :)
  16. boguz

    Portulacaria afra - semi cascade

    Hi guys. I have been looking for an afra for along time, and finally got this last sunday. It was looking messy, and i wanted to try a semi-cascade style. I am new in bonsai but searching/ reading about it a lot. So, what do you think about it, any advice?